goog chrome web #browser sync setup

goog chrome sync

its worth checking how much data goog chrome sync is saving about you !

Form data you sent using Chrome; for example, emails or addresses. Credit cards and addresses synced via Google Payments are not counted here.

Website addresses that you entered in the address bar. Other synced browsing history isn’t counted here, but can be viewed in Chrome on the history page.

Pages that you bookmarked in Chrome.

Passwords that you asked Chrome or Smart Lock for Passwords to save, and a list of sites you told us never to save. Passwords are always encrypted.

Open tabs
Tabs that are currently open in Chrome on one of your devices.


is anyone else having major problems with the @everhelper #chrome #firefox browser #bookmark #sync addon #fail

is anyone else having major problems with the @everhelper #chrome #firefox browser #bookmark #sync addon

maybe its because i also have mozilla firefox sync and goog chrome sync turned on but everytime i open my browser all (10,000) of my bookmarks get duplicated, reordered or disappear



goog auto @youtube channel creator #chatbots and #robots

goog auto @youtube channel creator #chatbots and #robots

whats the deal with youtube videos that have comments beginning with

Provided to YouTube by ....

and ending with

Auto-generated by YouTube.

is there some sort of goog youtube chatbot or robot that record companies can email CDs to and the youtube robot turns them into a youtube channel and playlists with hidden videos ?


i dont think official answer explains exactly what is going on

my suspicion is that these could be PAYED FOR PRODUCT PLACEMENTS deeply embedded in youtube system

search for more autogenerated albums here

miss saigon – the songs (and the original(s)) – @misssaigonUK on @youtube #music #musical #duets #art

miss saigon – the songs (and the original(s)) – @misssaigonUK on @youtube #music #musical #duets #art

they are all so good surely they all deserve 1000’s of likes so why do some of them only have one (mine!)

actually this tweet says it all

automatica @nigel_stanford #robot #music #art

automatica @nigel_stanford #robot #music #art

robots v music

on vimeo

on youtube

drum robots




amazon alexa echo kindle edocs

amazon alexa echo kindle edocs manual

NOTE the following ebooks are actually ~£2.00 each NOT £0.00 unless you are already paying ££ for kindle unlimited

amazon alexa echo setup hints

setup your amazon alexa echo goto

if you wish to delete your amazon alexa echo voice history goto

check if you have already bought any music you can play (without paying extra)

check you havent accidentally said yes to any extra amazon subscriptions here

some amazon alexa echo skills dont seem to work

  • aword what skills do I have enabled
  • aword ask Radioplayer to play Jazz FM (doesnt work)
  • aword play jazz (doesnt charge you ?)