cpu comparisons from @cpuboss, @cpu-world and @specout

cpu comparisons from @cpuboss, @cpu-world and @specout


the power of opensource (eg android opencamera app)

maybe you have been enjoying using the opensource android opencamera app

maybe you love the fixed infinite focus feature and maybe youre thinking i would like another new feature like “auto untilt” !

well thats the power of opensource you can ADD any feature you want yourself just get the free libre open source code, learn java and android mobdev and away you go

PS BUT google first as you may find its already been written and it turns out that “auto untilt” already exists -albeit with the wrong name

yandex shows us how ALL customer service should be done – by giving a 2000% upgrade #howitshouldbedone

yandex disk shows us how ALL customer service should be done – by giving a 2000% refund / upgrade

An email received from Yandex Customer Support last year :

You have received this message because you use our program,
Yandex.Disk for Windows, and have recently updated it.

Unfortunately, an error was made in one of the latest versions that may,
in rare cases, lead to the crash of your computer’s operating system.

For this reason, we ask you to make sure that you have installed a stable version
of the program on your computer: versions 1.1.8 and later.

We apologize if the program has caused you any problems. It is very important for us
that we keep your trust. That’s why we have completely reviewed the process of
developing and testing our projects in order to avoid such errors in the future.

In order to make up for this error, we have increased the space available to you on
Yandex.Disk by 200 GB.

Stay with us.

remember there is a non US alternative to goog – its called @yandex and based in russia

yandex has search, mail that actually lets you select and forward MULTIPLE emails, storage, maps, stats, dns services and a browser