maybe @beberlin @visitberlin should remove eurthymics track from #their oneperson #disco #phonebooth

Just been blown away by youtube’s automatic copyright detection of a eurthymics track being played in the background of a video i made inside the @beberlin @visitberlin oneperson #disco #phonebooth.

YouTube bizarely says you cant make money from the video but

  • You can use the copyrighted content in your video, but ads might appear on your video.
  • Your video can’t be played in these countries: Germany

So maybe @beberlin @visitberlin should remove eurthymics track and any other tracks banned in germany from #their #disco #phoneboothshould so they can actually watch the video back home

beware #mozilla #foxstart is nothing to do with @mozilla #firefox #anti-spyware #anti-virus

Mozilla Foxstart is allegedly an upgraded version of the Mozilla Firefox browser and is promoted at  “free – browser . co / firefox /” (DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK). If you are vigilant, you will notice that the program promoted on this page has nothing to do with Mozilla or its products.



How do i know if i have accidentally install foxstart instead of firefox ?

Run Firefox Help About if it looks the version mentions CCK and looks like this

mozilla foxstart mozilla firefox

then Run Firefox and click

  • Help | Restart with extensions disabled
  • Restart
  • Reset
  • Reset

The Foxstart extension also goes by the name of

accessing #windows10 #uefi #bios settings now takes 10 mouse clicks

In windows 10 your uefi bios settings are no longer accessed via ESC,F1, F2, F10 or F12 instead you need to boot into windows 10 first then click

  • windows start (yes its back ! yay!)
  • settings
  • update & security
  • recovery
  • advanced start up | restart now
  • troubleshoot
  • advanced options
  • uefi firmware settings
  • restart

once you have done all this you should see the UEFI BIOS screen you used to get when pressing F1 etc

the #mobile network that cleverly never runs out of data @giffgaff but with a very stupid way to enable it

the giffgaff #mobile network cleverly lets you move your monthly payg (!) contract forward if you run out of data @giffgaff but you stupidly only get a 5 minute 5 MB window to do this in OR you need access to a PC connected to the internet !

time to look at 100% free freedompop mobile instead

To avoid using your giffgaff credit when you run out of goodybag minutes/texts/MB, you can now bring forward a goodybag with early repurchase (if you have less than 5 mins or 5MB left).

you can change #windows 10 ms #edge #browser download location just by using file explorer

you can’t change windows 10 ms edge browser download location inside edge itself but you can by just by using file explorer (and you DO NOT need to run regedit !)