howto embed amazon associate link(s) in your blog without using iframes

you can embed amazon associate link(s) in your blog without using iframes by creating an amazon astore adding a category for the product add product to category then post link to that store category


clocks with hidden cameras

clocks with hidden cameras

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Hackaday Prize Entry: Smart Low Voltage Lighting

Originally posted on Hackaday:

A common theme around Internet of Things things is connecting a relay to the web. It’s useful for everything from turning on a lamp from across the country to making sure your refrigerator is still running without the twice-hourly calls from the International Refrigeration Commission. For his Hackaday Prize project, [Matt] is turning lights on and off with an ESP8266 WiFi module, but not just any lights: he’s focusing on low-voltage lighting with the ESPLux.

Most downlights and landscape lights run off a 12 or 24 V transformer, and because [Matt] wanted to add dimming to his lighting box, he’s rectifying the low voltage AC to DC; PWMing an output to light an LED is a much better idea than chopping AC with a triac.

With a rectifier, MOSFET, and an ESP8266, the ESPLux is a simple build, but the project doesn’t end with electronics. for automation and control of…

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