lexar 128GB S25 S45 S75 jumpdrives for £18 – £27 @amazonuk

lexar 128GB jumpdrive

google #chromebooks can now run #android apps

At Google I/O 2016, Google announced that Google Play would be launching on Chromebooks. As an Android developer, your apps will soon be compatible with Chromebooks.

Windows 7, 8 & 10 (1607) (re)install ISOs now available to download from microsoft

Microsoft Windows 7, 8 & 10 (1607) (re)install isos are now finally available DIRECTLY to download from Microsoft and let you (re)install a CLEAN version of Windows 7, 8 & 10 if you still a have the licence key (often a sticker on back of your PC).

windows 10 (1607) #bluetooth icon annoyance fix

Are you bothered by the windows 10 (1607) bluetooth icon disappears annoyance ?

It seems that in Windows 10 the bluetooth icon no longer goes grey when bluetooth is disabled it completely disappears !

To get it back

  • click Open Action Center (the piece of paper icon)
  • click expand
  • click bluetooth

and the bluetooth icon will magically reappear and bluetooth will be re-enabled.

howto display / enable apple utf8 emoji on ed/x/ubuntu gnu/linux


aptitude install ttf-ancient-fonts

you should now see

  • BACK ON TOP SOON as 🔙 🔛 🔝 🔜

instead of something like

F0F0F0F0 F0F0F0F0 F0F0F0F0 F0F0F0F0

thanks to

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Regular, Legacy (free), NFP and Paid For Google (Apps) Accounts

Personal / Regular / Individual /SIngle User Google Accounts

Legacy Google Apps Account (only free before 2013)

In the legacy free edition of Google Apps, secondary domains are not supported. The legacy free edition of Google Apps only supports domain aliases. All the other restrictions tied to domain aliases apply.

NFP Google Apps Account

If you are a UK NFP you will first need to register with TechSoup / TT Exchange

TT Exchange also give you discounts for NFP on other IT offerings

Google Apps for Work and Google Apps Unlimited are PAID for services see