film and movie scores from the general public

film and movie scores from the general public


why not use paranoia to save the world ? #fsf #freedom #freelibresoftware #privacy

lets assume i am a software engineer working at @alexa, @facebook, @googspy, @intel, @microsoft or @siri and i am working on backdoors for @cia, @fbi, @gchq and @nsa

lets also assume i am a chinese/russian sleeper agent

do you not think i wouldnt also put in backdoors for the chinese/russians too ?

proprietry software is dangerous it is potentially lethal civil liberty violations are trivial in comparison

to save and protect the world you need to switch to free libre software (such as @tezos blockchains) today



why do #dating sites such as @okcupid imply they are exempt from #criminal law ?

increasingly dating sites such as okcupid are asking you more and more questions about your criminal activities such as substance abuse and terrorist sympathys but why do they imply that your answers will not be gathered and forwarded to the cia, fbi, gchq and nsa ?