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Ning Forums (GOG)


Ning widget-configuration.xml and main.php


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<widget id="123" root="aboutme">
        <version type="string" checkState="true">0.1</version>
        <description>A discussion board in which people can post topics and replies.</description>
        <isMozzle type="number">1</isMozzle>
        <isFirstOrderFeature type="number">1</isFirstOrderFeature>
        <isPermanent type="number">0</isPermanent>
        <isEnabledDefault type="number">1</isEnabledDefault>


<?php xg_header(W_Cache::current('W_Widget')->dir, $title = xg_text('PHOTOS')); ?>
<div id="xg_body">
 <div class="xg_colgroup">
        <div class="xg_3col first-child">
        <div class="xg_1col last-child">
            <?php xg_sidebar(); ?>
<?php xg_footer() ?>

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Google YouTube API released

DELL announce PCs with Ubuntu in the UK

DELL now offer a new open-source operating system, so you can dive in and truly enjoy a PC experience just the way you want it.

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SalesForce v SugarCRM