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yandex maps api

yandex maps api

static maps,51&z=9&size=200,200&z=10&l=map,51&l=map&lang=en_GB,55.6~37.601,55.6,78~37.602,55.6,w:5,37.6565,55.7411,37.6551,55.7418,37.6582,55.7425,37.6595,55.7436,37.6623,55.7452&lang=en_GB

javascript maps

geocoder (with spellchecker!)

see also yandex cloud drive api

has anyone else started using calculator style words in #ipv6 addresses ?

yandex dns are using :feed:, :bad:, :off: and :all: calculator style words in some of their ipv6 dns addresses ! accidentally or intentionally ?

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the truth about beer


(ice cold beer is as good as life)

yandex services including cloud #storage and family friendly #dns service

yandex services (goog alternatives)

mobdev & webdev services

terms of service

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