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howto install openoffice on oracle linux 6

howto install openoffice 3.4 on centos 6, red hat 6 and oracle enterprise linux 6

  • download openoffice 3.4 rpm tgz from
  • untar
  • cd en-US/RPMS
  • yum –nogpgcheck localinstall *.rpm
  • yum –nogpgcheck localinstall desktop-integration/openoffice.org3.4-redhat-menus-3.4-9590.noarch.rpm

enjoy however this will not work for oracle enterprise linux 5 you’ll need to use ooo 3.3 instead

howto switch an acer ac700 to use the chromebook beta channel

howto switch an acer ac700 to use the chromebook chrome beta channel

  • get a 4GB usb stick (that does NOT publish any pseudo usb cd roms)
  • create a usb restore drive chrome://imageburner (see
  • factory reset from usb drive in RIGHT hand side usb socket (see How-to-use-the-Recovery-Mode-button)
  • login/register
  • run chrome
  • click wrench | about the chrome os
  • click more info
  • chose BETA channel
  • QUICKLY exit chrome before initial system update completes
  • reboot chromebook
  • login
  • click wrench | about the chrome os
  • auto update to chromium beta channel should now start

see also howto switch an acer ac700 chromebook into developer mode

howto create a chromium os vm

You can either try the official way that uses ubuntu and kvm

or try creating a bootable USB drive with chromium os x86-generic

and then trying to boot the USB drive from vmware player using plop

when is a browser not a browser ?

when its google chorme !

not only is google chrome the gui for an os (google chromium) google chrome “browser” also acts as a print server and you will need the google chrome “browser” installed but not necessarily open on a windoz pc if you want to print to a non eprint printer from a google chrome book !

google chrome books sends non eprint jobs to the google chrome browser/server running on your windoz pc so you’ll also need to leave your pc turned on and logged in if you want to be able to print from your chromebook !


SONY Amazing Spidey 3D

The Amazing Spider-Man 3D 2012  from SONY Pictures is simply the best film i’ve seen in 10 years and the best 3D film i’ve seen ever ! (however to be fair i’ve not seen very many in that time)


  • the SONY unbranding of the Pentax SLR camera
  • the SONY product placement of SONY VAIO notebooks
  • the SONY product placement of SONY XPERIA android mobiles
  • the screenplay
  • the 3D effects
  • New York
  • the comedy
Not sure about:
  • one corny line from auntie at the end
  • Gwen being 17 – according to IMDB Emma Stone is already 24


Go see it ! And go see it again if you didn’t see it in 3D the first time ! Then go see it in IMAX 3D !

free of charge (?) drupal and wordpress sites from red had open shift

From the Red Hat Open Shift FAQ:


I have deployed my app, but I don’t like telling people to visit <my_app>-<my_namespace> so how can I set up my own domain name to point to my app?


You can now use your own Domain name to access your application.

You just need to:

  1. Use the rhc client tools to run > rhc app add-alias -a {appName} –alias {}
  2. Then in your DNS management for you can add a cname to point to