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ohloh lets you compare open source projects

facebook has a 5000 friend limit

According to facebook has a 5,000 friend limit – even I haven't hit that one yet !

Facebook will finally allow users to group friends and control information flow based on friend type. For guys like Robert Scoble, who have 5,000 friends (the limit), this may be a way to finally sort through the real friends from the fans.

It’s a much needed feature that people have been requesting for a long time.

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The Delicious service (no longer “” and now residing at boasts 3 million registered users and 100 million unique URLs bookmarked.

If you are invited, all of your existing bookmarks are imported to the preview, although any changes you make will be lost when the new service launches – so it’s just for trying out and giving feedback. is saying that there is no guarantee that the final product will look exactly like the preview, since they are taking user feedback very seriously.

The preview shows a substantially different interface than the current site, and a number of new features.

Founder Joshua Schachter says this is a complete code-rewrite of

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Google AdWords My Client Centre

In response to advertiser feedback, Google AdWords offers a powerful tool for handling multiple AdWords accounts: My Client Centre (MCC).

MCC allows support for large advertisers with multiple AdWords accounts and third-party agencies, such as search engine marketers (SEMs), search engine optimisers (SEOs), and automated bid managers (ABMs), who manage and optimise multiple AdWords accounts.

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Google AdWords Learning Centre

If you're an AdWords advertiser, Google Advertising Professional, or just interested in learning more about AdWords, you can use our free training to sharpen your AdWords knowledge.

There are multimedia and text lessons to match your preferred learning style.

While lessons are organized to build upon previous ones, you can skip between topics and take them in any way you like. After each lesson, test your knowledge by taking a quiz.

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Red Hat 7 is alive and well

Since VMware have just released a new version of VMware Server that fixes a problem with Red Hat 7 guests :

I can only assume that one of their customers that pays for VMware support is still using Red Hat 7 !

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