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chinese harp (guzheng) videos on youtube

chinese harp (guzheng) videos on youtube

local independent retailer restore faith in humanity

my local independent hoover retailer has restored my faith in humanity i recently bought some hoover tools over the internet that were not only damaged in transit due to hopeless packaging but didnt even fit

so i reordered some different ones from my local independent hoover retailer and went to pick them up from their shop and not only were they the right size they took my internet set in part exchange i dont think any of the big corporate chains would be capable of that !

one of the greatest marketing disasters of all time #hoover free #holidays

one of the greatest marketing disasters of all time was the hoover free holidays offer in 1992-1993

#brighton events directories and listings

brighton events directories and listings

ms #windows #windows10 activation troubleshooter and hardware changes

Before you change your hardware you must upgrade your Windows 10 to version 16.07 build 14393.

windows 10 version 16.07 build 14393

Then add your Microsoft account and link it to your Windows10 digital licence only then can you change your hardware and move your Windows10 licence onto it