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SchoolTool (as included with Edubuntu)

SchoolTool is a project to develop a common global school administration infrastructure that is freely available under an Open Source license. 

SchoolTool encompasses three sub-projects:

  • SchoolTool Calendar and SchoolBell are calendar and resource management tools for schools available as part of the Edubuntu Linux distribution.
  • A SchoolTool student information system is being developed and tested in collaboration with schools in Lithuania and Belgium during the 2006 – 2007 school year
  • CanDo is a SchoolTool-based skills tracking program developed by Virginia students and teachers to track which skills students are acquiring in their classes and at what level of competency.



SchoolTool demo

Web Stats

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Ed/X/Ubuntu xserver-xorg-core 1.0.2ubuntu10.5


i know its always risky (i've trashed 4 installs so far) upgrading your xserver

but there are some compelling security reasons to upgrade to
version 1.0.2-0ubuntu10.5 (SECURITY UPDATE)

  • Arbitrary code execution with root privileges via heap overflows in DBE and Render extensions.
  • Add 'debian/patches/993_ubuntu_dbe-render_overflows.dpatch' from upstream
  • References    CVE-2006-6101 CVE-2006-6102 CVE-2006-6103

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Swik & Web 2.0 & bozpages

Why are Swik or Wikia better than Digg or MySpace?

Traditional communities are finite realms constraining the infinite power of the human mind!

I am not suggesting that Swik or Wikia are the answers to the world's problems, but they are a damned sight closer than the noise, adolecence and chaos of most communities out there right now. Face it folks cute don't always get it done!

Alex Bosworth and others have been creating innovative and provocative works like the Web 2.0 area at SourceLabs. Here you will find hundreds of hours of work revealing a consolidation of blogs unlike any I have seen, and simple mouseovers help navigation in the cleanest way.

Created with what Alex termed "bozpages", this simple organization of data looks ripe for the addition of your own personal touches. Swik is a work in progress, and it will take people to transform it into anything like I have suggested.

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SIP: The next step in converged unified IP communications

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) builds on the IP communications foundation by providing a standards-based approach to enabling IP communications with numerous devices and applications.

This paper describes the benefits of SIP to enterprise customers and explains the comprehensive Cisco┬« roadmap for delivering SIP-based solutions-an evolving strategy that helps deliver stronger IP communications benefits to enterprise customers today and in the future.

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OpenSER open source SIP proxy server

OpenSER is an open source GPL project that aims to develop a robust and scalable SIP server.

It is spawned from FhG FOKUS SIP Express Router (SER) by two core developers and one main contributor of SER, and it promotes a development strategy open for contributions.

About OpenSER.

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Open Source & Commercial Open Source (the SugarCRM way)

Open Source is a Better Way to Build and Distribute Software

In an industry dedicated to improving customer relationships (CRM), it is interesting that proprietary software vendors spend between 50-70% of revenues convincing customers to buy their product (sales and marketing) and less than 10% of revenues actually making better products (engineering).

We thought there was a better way.

Why not write our product in public and distribute it through an open source license? Individuals and companies would be free to evaluate the product and engage with SugarCRM when they were ready for a commercial relationship.

We could shorten the costly and time-consuming enterprise sales cycle while allocating more toward engineering (almost half our company is part of R&D). The model requires putting your product in front of your sales force, which means having a fast, intuitive application that is easy to learn, use and extend.

Commercial Open Source

Commercial Open Source (COS) is based on the value Open Source software delivers to corporate buyers and the realization that existing commercial CRM applications are overpriced relative to the actual engineering dollars required to build these applications. The Commercial Open source model allows SugarCRM to offer:

  • Greater Innovation
  • Better Quality
  • Less Risk
  • Faster Payback

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Google Calendar SMS alerts

Ubuntu GNU/Linux Long Term Support (LTS) to 2009 & 2011

Desktop Edition   
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS – Supported to 2009
Ubuntu 6.10 – Supported to 2008  

Server Edition
Ubuntu 6.06 LTS – Supported to 2011
Ubuntu 6.10 – Supported to 2008

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