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NING GNU/Linux/Ubuntu Groups of Groups

XING targets Silicon Roundabout commuters with poster campaign

XING is currently targeting Silicon Roundabout commuters with it's Northern Line poster campaign ! Large XING posters have been spotted between Morden and Old Street highlighting that XING now has 6 million business members !

xing "northern line" poster campaign xing "northern line" poster campaign

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another flickr geotag groups of groups (gog)

GPS goes Nuts

GPS goes Nuts

HappyCamel (feed it a GPS track and alist of digital photos and it figures out where these images were taken)

HappyCamel Google Map Examples

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OpenCycleMap for Cyclists (from the creators of OpenStreetMap)

Did you know there is a OpenCycleMap of the world for Cyclists (from the creators of OpenStreetMap) which contains contour information thanks to open source NASA contour data !

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dopplr, flickr, geotagging & openstreetmap

What's the connection between dopplr, flickr, geotagging & openstreetmap ?

Watch the video:

Listen to the podcast:

Read these media articles:

See how yahoo flickr seamlessly merges its maps with OpenStreetMap maps :

Finally why not join the Change !

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the most successfull flickr photowalk ever

… and it wasn't even a flickr photowalk ! … it was The 18th CloudMade OpenStreetMap Summer 2008 Mapping Party ! CloudMade were giving out some great OpenStreetMap MOO Stickers and I legitimately added photos from the 1 hr photo / geotagging / mapping walk to ALL the flickr groups below.

Interestingly only 6 people had signed up on the upcoming event  but 16 turned up on the night !

If you want to help change the (map of the) world (or just get a sticker) turn up at the next OpenStreetMap event apparently thet meet every week in London !

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