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Panoramio Geo Tagged Photo API

Learn about the Web Services standards REST and JSON by using Google Panoramio and just your web browser !

Using the Google Panoramio API you can display the photos from Panoramio on your own web site. Geolocated photos from Panoramio are great to enrich your maps or illustrate information where location is a important factor (real estate sites, hotels and vacation sites, routes & trails…).

Here's how you'd get some photos of London (X=~0,Y=~51) ? from=1 & to=16 & minx=-1 & miny=50 & maxx=1 & maxy=52 & size=small (just remove the spaces on either side of each "?" and "&" )

This REST call returns a JSON result set that you can view in your browser and cut and paste photo URLs from :

{"count": 42259,
 { "photo_id": 4337937, "photo_title": "Sir Tatton Sykes Monument", "photo_url": "", "photo_file_url": " panoramio/photos/medium/4337937.jpg", "longitude": -0.537515, "latitude": 54.042054, "width": 270, "height": 500, "upload_date": "31 August 2007", "owner_id": 278681, "owner_name":  "G3ZZP", "owner_url": "" }
 { "photo_id": 51502, "photo_title": "eclipse", "photo_url": "", "photo_file_url": "",  "longitude": -0.121665, "latitude": 51.500969, "width": 500, "height": 375, "upload_date": "24 September 2006", "owner_id": 6645, "owner_name": "JesusVillalba", "owner_url":  "" }

For more help see

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The SONY KDL-32U3000 would be the perfect TV if it didn’t have tuners

unfortunately it has both Analogue and Digital tuners build in which sets back my plans to throw away my tv by at least five years (since i'm now commited to paying UK TV TAX @ £100/y forever or until i throw it away) !

It also acts as the perfect 32" 1280×768 monitor


Still it has helped with the TAYT proof of concept. Here's BBC iPlayer (which is only available from UK IP addresses) running

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my supermarket uses AI to make your shopping “low fat” and more “healthy” !

Now you can do your supermarket shopping online and compare other supermarket prices at the same time by using mysupermarket !

Why use mySupermarket?

You still select items, buy them and get delivery from your usual supermarket – but you have much more control over the contents and price of your trolley.Your shopping experience will be easier and your wallet better off:

  • Find what you want with a consumer friendly image-based shelf display
  • Watch your potential savings increase while you shop
  • Keep an eye on how much your trolley costs in the other supermarkets
  • Switch your entire trolley seamlessly to any other supermarket, or
  • Don't switch: stay in your usual supermarket and use the 'Price Checker' feature to check whether you can swap some of your items for others on special offer or better value.
  • You can also use the 'Health Checker' feature to check whether you can swap some of your items for similar products with fewer calories, or lower salt, sugar, fat or saturated fat.
  • Find all the offers and deals in one place in the Special Offers Department.

and according to term 3.20.2 of their TermsAndConditions they use AI to make your shopping more healthy !

  • we may offer you alternative items which are more healthy (meaning that the traffic lights Health Information generally show a more healthy alternative on balance, although some particular traffic light colours among the mix, may signal that one or more aspects may be less healthy; however, on balance the traffic light health signalling will be more healthy in our view and we bias our health algorithm towards lower fat content)

They even have their own WordPress blog @

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VESA : the LCD TV wall mount standard !

VESA : the LCD TV wall mount standard !

The standards provide specific guidelines of the mounting hole pattern placement, screw size, and guidelines for the mounting pad or mounting apparatus to be utilized by equipment manufacturers based on a the size of the screen and monitor's weight.Additional details can be found by ordering the specific FDMI mounting design specification directly from the VESA organization or going to their website at

In my day VESA was just a video standard and plasma & LCD TVs hadn't been invented yet !

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Kindle: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device

Kindle: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device

  • Revolutionary electronic-paper display provides a sharp, high-resolution screen that looks and reads like real paper.
  • Simple to use: no computer, no cables, no syncing.
  • Wireless connectivity enables you to shop the Kindle Store directly from your Kindle—whether you’re in the back of a taxi, at the airport, or in bed.
  • Buy a book and it is auto-delivered wirelessly in less than one minute.
  • More than 110,000 books available, including more than 90 of 112 current New York Times® Best Sellers.

Sold out before i'd even heard of it !

Due to heavy customer demand, Kindle is temporarily sold out. We are working hard to manufacture Kindles as quickly as possible and are prioritizing orders on a first come, first served basis. Please ORDER KINDLE NOW to reserve your place in line. We will keep you informed by email as we get more precise delivery dates. Note that Kindles cannot currently be sold or shipped to customers living outside of the U.S.

I cant wait for it to be available in the UK !

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VOX library links hidden feature

Did you know that every VOX account has a hidden link library at

You can only add links by using the VOX JavaScript bookmarklet

  var s = document.createElement(%22script%22);

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Vox Knowledge Base: Vox This

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