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the #iamawitness anti-bullying #ipad #iphone #ios keyboard app from @goldrunllc features the best ever #mobdev video/gif #tutorial

the #iamawitness anti-bullying ipad iphone ios keyboard app from goldrun features the best ever 5 second mobdev video/gif tutorial – this is how video tutorials should be

ios app

they also have other ios keyboard apps that might feature the same brilliant video tutorial style

whats the difference between the @amazon_uk £40, £70 & £99 james #bond #007 film boxsets (with “space” for #spectra movie)

whats the difference between amazon_uk 23 james bond films boxsets (with “space” for spectra movie) apart from price and AMAZON.CO.UK ONLY exclusiveity on second blu-ray set !

and the White box DVD and White box Blu-Ray reviews appear to be identical !

#goog #hotel ads and #search have changed

google hotel ads and search have changed

for developers

#windows 7 windows 8 #windows10 you can delete the recovery partition by using #diskpart #sysadmin

on windows 7 windows 8 windows 10 dont delete the “recovery partition” BEFORE you have created a “system repair disk” but once you have you can then delete the “recovery partition” by using diskpart

by using diskpart

if you have deleted the “recovery partition” BEFORE creating your system repair CD you will need to create Windows 10 ISOs by downloading and running the ISO downloader

on windows 7 windows 8 windows 10 you can delete windows.old by using diskcleanup

google #play allows you downyour MP3s twice which makes @amazonuk and #itunes 10x only downloads seem positively generous

google play now only lets you download your MP3s twice makes amazons 10x download and itunes 10x download every 12 months seem generous i think i will go back to buying CDs at HMV
Download music
Are you sure that you want to download the selected songs to your computer?
Each song can be downloaded 2 times on the web. This limit does not apply when you use Music Manager to download your entire library to your computer.

maybe @beberlin @visitberlin should remove eurthymics track from #their oneperson #disco #phonebooth

Just been blown away by youtube’s automatic copyright detection of a eurthymics track being played in the background of a video i made inside the @beberlin @visitberlin oneperson #disco #phonebooth.

YouTube bizarely says you cant make money from the video but

  • You can use the copyrighted content in your video, but ads might appear on your video.
  • Your video can’t be played in these countries: Germany

So maybe @beberlin @visitberlin should remove eurthymics track and any other tracks banned in germany from #their #disco #phoneboothshould so they can actually watch the video back home