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ios ipad adobe express app


bizkit accounts for smb & sme

bizkit accounts and android app for SMB & SME is an accounts package, organiser, secretary and document management system all rolled into one. All the functions are synchronised- it writes your letters, creates invoices, completes your accounts, manages your meetings and updates your bank accounts at the press of a button. And you can access Bizkit wherever you are- all you need is an internet connection.


smns for screenshots

social media networks (smn)s that contain screenshots and wallpapers !

and here is a selection of customize screenshot and wallpaper groups

android usb button bug

android usb button always says “turn off usb storage”

PS you can now vote on the official bug report @

which suggests a workaround of switching android language from UK to US ! not so good for UK users !


“usb connected” mode

android usb storage bug

“usb storage in use” mode

android usb storage bug