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maybe is the next twitter ! try creating you own newspaperless at


avoid a £500,000 fine by installing jconsent_wp on your wordpress blogs

New EU PECR cookie law hits UK on 26 May 2012 – Are you ready?

Sutton Council is – just click to see their PECR message !

You can avoid the £500,000 eu uk cookie law fine by installing jconsent on your sites and jconsent_wp on your wordpress blogs

You can see how the wolf software jconsent alert in action by visiting either of these wikis

You can see how the wolf software jconsent_wp alert in action by visiting either of these wordpress blogs

Google Android* OS for Intel® Architecture

Google Android* OS has arrived for Intel® Architecture

When building your Android VM dont forget to add a second disk for your virtual SD card and change the kernel boot params as follows

  • DATA=sda1 SDCARD=sdb1

android intel X86
android intel X86

Three features to look out for on your next camcorder

Three features to look out for on your next camcorder

  • GPS – so you never need to manually geotag your photos again
  • Projector – so you never need a TV again
  • Wi-Fi upload – so you never need a USB again

And you can already buy a camcorder with a built-in project just take a look at the Sony HDR-PJ200

goog apps email quickstart

to start using free goog apps email you’ll first need an email address outside of your domain to create a master admin account – so get one from or

check you domain provider gives you full DNS control if not transfer your domain to one that does such as 123-reg, domainmonster or godaddy

next verify your domain ownership by setting a DNS record

next change your DNS MX records

wait 48 hours and you emails should now be arriving in your goog apps gmail inbox