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avoid a £500,000 fine by installing jconsent_wp on your wordpress blogs

New EU PECR cookie law hits UK on 26 May 2012 – Are you ready?

Sutton Council is – just click to see their PECR message !

You can avoid the £500,000 eu uk cookie law fine by installing jconsent on your sites and jconsent_wp on your wordpress blogs

You can see how the wolf software jconsent alert in action by visiting either of these wikis

You can see how the wolf software jconsent_wp alert in action by visiting either of these wordpress blogs

Google Android* OS for Intel® Architecture

Google Android* OS has arrived for Intel® Architecture

When building your Android VM dont forget to add a second disk for your virtual SD card and change the kernel boot params as follows

  • DATA=sda1 SDCARD=sdb1

android intel X86
android intel X86

Three features to look out for on your next camcorder

Three features to look out for on your next camcorder

  • GPS – so you never need to manually geotag your photos again
  • Projector – so you never need a TV again
  • Wi-Fi upload – so you never need a USB again

And you can already buy a camcorder with a built-in project just take a look at the Sony HDR-PJ200

goog apps email quickstart

to start using free goog apps email you’ll first need an email address outside of your domain to create a master admin account – so get one from or

check you domain provider gives you full DNS control if not transfer your domain to one that does such as 123-reg, domainmonster or godaddy

next verify your domain ownership by setting a DNS record

next change your DNS MX records

wait 48 hours and you emails should now be arriving in your goog apps gmail inbox

SalesForce CloudForce London 2012 Condensed

SF customers

  • activision
  • burberrys
  • chipsaway use a sf based mobile app with goog apps & goog cal
  • o2
  • spotify

SF random stats

  • ios app store has 400,000 apps and raised £24BN or £5000/app
  • sf app store has 1400 apps and raised $300M or £200,000/app
  • o2 has 23M UK customers
  • everything everywhere (orange) has 27M customers
  • last qtr apple iphone revenue alone was > M$ entire revenue
  • 4M business use goog apps
  • the no1 reason smbs move to cloud apps is for mobilty not price
  • goog goggles visually indexes every image you upload to goog apps

SF random links


SF based / integrated apps

  • sumo – sustainability calculator app
  • spotzer – goog map invoicing system
  • docusign
  • taxio

SF compatible developer tools and toolkits

  • sencha touch
  • iscroll
  • phonegap
  • knockout
  • jsfiddle
  • github/hiroku
  • github/wesnolte/voodoo
  • appcelerator titanium
  • brightgen
  • jquery
  • visualforce
  • js remoting
  • sublime


salesforce cloudforce london

Zoho CRM goes mobile

Zoho CRM for Android offers mobile access to your customer information available on the web at Zoho CRM offers you a complete customer relationship life-cycle management software for managing Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, and Inventory activities in a single system. If you don’t have a Zoho account, you can easily create one by visiting