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Data centres on the moon !

Why not put data centres on the moon ! instead of just following the moon or following the sun !

Google is even advertising moon vacancies !

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MaxMind GeoIP

NING re-instates VOX-like multi social network features !

Yes after six months of campaining NING have just reinstated a number of "VOX" like multi social media network features ! On the 'new' NING you can now :

  • See email notifications from all your NING networks in one place !
  • Set default settings for all NEW NING networks !
  • See which OTHER NING networks your friends are members of ! (it's no longer TOP SECRET information if you WERE relying on this !)

However its still takes a few 1000 clicks to sync your preferences across all your existing NING networks (if you are a member of 50 or more) !

Thank You NING and keep following (re-enabling and adding) VOX like features and we'll keep following you !

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HP Photosmart C4585 critical updates

If you are getting fed up with your HP Photosmart C4585 All-In-One Printer becoming unresponsive, losing connection, crashing or hanging once a week you may be interested in the following "critical" firmware and software updates:

that i came across just before i was going to try and file an official bug report with HP ! So thank you HP for your updates and for all your HP Printer GNU/Linux drivers

All I have to do now is borrow someone's windoz PC so i can run your firmware upgrade EXE !

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