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why do #dating sites such as @okcupid imply they are exempt from #criminal law ?

increasingly dating sites such as okcupid are asking you more and more questions about your criminal activities such as substance abuse and terrorist sympathys but why do they imply that your answers will not be gathered and forwarded to the cia, fbi, gchq and nsa ?

#thirdworldproblem now you have to buy every song thrice #drm #fail

#thirdworldproblem now you have to buy every song thrice #drm #fail

ms windows 10 cortana & lenovo howtos

ms windows 10 cortana howtos

and if you are running windows 10 on a lenovo you can use the Wake Word + a Trigger Word to control your notebook

Hey Cortana, ask Lenovo to set audio to movies


Hey Cortana, have Lenovo optimize audio for music


Voila! Without a single click, your PC’s sound settings are adjusted.