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ACA the next 3TA

Android Cloud Apps (ACA) may be the next three tier architecture (3TA) !

Android is

Google Androids such Nexus Mobiles are more than a mobile they are a platform

Cloud is

The Amazon Ubuntu Eucalytpus Cloud wil power the apps

Apps are

The apps running on the cloud such as and Google App Engine apps will provide the intelligence

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thank you londroid and google for the nexus one !

FREE WorldWide Wi-Fi for all from F&G

Pre-dating NOKIA's "FREE sat nav for all" FON and one of it's equity investors Google (F&G) have created the google mobile app (GMA) that lets you surf the web with a Wi-Fi mobile phone from any fon point in the world  free-of-charge !

Versions of google mobile app are available for Android, iPhone and NOKIA Symbian S60 and other mobile phones and you can also use it with your regular 3G network provider at normal charges. It even includes a sort of proxy server that p/re/formats web pages for mobile screen sizes !

Simply visit using your phone's web browser and you will sent the right version of Google Mobile App to your phone. 

I shouldn't forget to mention that google mobile app is a web search interface with voice recognition !
Just press the correct NOKIA S60 GMA 'hotkey' ! ('c' on a 6220i or 'ctrl' on a e61i) then press the NOKIA  S60 green handset button while simply "speaking" the word your searching for and GMA will use that word and your GPS position to search the web for you !
There's also a great list of other Symbian S60 apps at

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