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metoffice admits #weather symbols are confusing #3wordweather

As an example, only 28% of people identified a grey cloud symbol as meaning it was forecast to be an overcast day. Over 60% thought it meant it would be a cloudy day. But what is the difference between cloudy and overcast? When does a cloudy day become an overcast day?

The World Meteorological Organization defines overcast as being ‘the meteorological condition of clouds obscuring at least 95% of the sky.’ But is this what most people think overcast means?

81% of people also believed that a grey cloud symbol indicated that it would rain, despite the fact that our weather symbols use raindrops to indicate rain.

So, it seems that despite the weather forecast’s reliance on weather symbols, they aren’t actually widely understood.

they are trialing a 3 word weather system

post office broadband @pobroadband customer service falls short #fail

post office broadband ( customer service falls short #fail

their website is down (they blame @btopenreach)



their 404 page doesnt even mention the pobroadband helpline number which is 034 5600 3210 (in case you want to cancel your account too)

their customer service systems are down (they blame @btopenreach) so they cant cancel your account until monday “can you please phone us back on monday”

they have a severe short term memory loss problems

48hrs ago they sent a letter saying there were no cancellation fees(due to price increases)

they just said you have to pay 2 months rental if you cancel !



todays widescreen tv bonaza from @groupon

widescreen tv bonaza from @groupon

i cant decide which one to get