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SONY launch Android AND Symbian mobiles !

It turns out that the new SONY Xperia mobiles are Android based while the new SONY Vivaz mobiles are Symbian based ! I guess they don't care what the winning mobile platform will be as long as its not Apple OSX or Blackberry !

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I saw a demo of the SONY 3D TV for the first time today in my local Currys !

sony 3d hd tv

Its pretty impressive but you need an updated SONY PlayStation and you need to wear SONY 3D glasses to see the 3D picture ! See for a 2D video of the 3D TV !

And I can't wait till June 2010 or have the spare the £2500 reqd so I'll have to settle for images from these flickr and vimeo 3D groups in the meantime !

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three free BMNs & SMNs on three

From next month three mobile (3 mobile) will be adding free 3G data access to a third BMN & SMN network !

  • 3 3G free twitter data traffic


  • 3 3G free skype voip traffic
  • 3 3G windoz live messenger traffic

great news for all UK based BMN & SMN addicts !

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android is actually simplifying my life

Thanks to googles android mobile free libre open source mobile phone technology I can now leave dozens of apple iPod, iPhone, iTouch, NOKIA E* series, NOKIA N* series, Nintendo NDS, Palm, Symbian S60 & Treo etc etc flickr, NING & VOX bmn & smn groups and just focus all my efforts on androids ! A platform thats even lets me replace the system keyboard with a morse code reader has got to be the answer to everything !

Well that's the plan !

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Brighton Festival 2010

This years Brighton Festival is on between the 1st and 23rd May 2010. 

One of this years most intriguing events is one called Flickers: Off the Path ! This has nothing to do with yahoo flickr but is all about using "flick books" to navigate around Stanmer Park ! and its already FULLY BOOKED ! Argh ! 
So BOOK EARLY to avoid disappointment really does apply !

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android pixelpipe revisited

If you ever want to upload a photo or video to dozens of BMNs and SMNs with a single click try pixelpipe on your android, iphone or symbian mobile! pixelpipe now supports dozens of BMNs and SMNs including flickr, photobox, photobucket and VOX !

I'm currently only uploading to eight separate BMNs and SMNs but plan to add more soon !

pixelpipe will also save me a small fortune in mobile upload data costs since some UK 3G mobile networks charge between £1/M – £6/M (esp when roaming in europe).

So uploading 10 x 1M photos will only cost me £10 instead of £80, £160 or even £320 if i were on 32 photo BMNs and SMNs !

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