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lenovo thinkpad (inc X220, X230) BIOS setup problems and BIOS update #sysadmin

lenovo thinkpad (inc X220, X230) BIOS setup problems and BIOS update #sysadmin

having problems getting into the BIOS !

options to try (after pressing power button or while pressing power button)

  • F1
  • F2
  • F12
  • ENTER key
  • ESC key
  • ThinkPad key
  • removing PSU then rebooting
  • or someone has even suggested (for windows 10 UEFI only) “C:> shutdown /fw /r /t 10”

lenovo system update for thinkpad is now available for windows 7 and windows 10

NOTE : despite what the online docs say the windows store windows 10 lenovo vantage app does NOT detect same updates as the native windows 7 & 10 lenovo system update app


USB 2 v USB 3 or 2 USB 2 or not 2 USB 3

USB 2 v USB 3 or 2 USB 2 or not 2 USB 3

To get maximum performance out of your USB peripherals make sure you plug USB 2 devices into USB 2 sockets and USB 3 devices into USB 3 sockets

For example is a waste to plug a mouse into a USB 2 socket and you can increased your USB 3 disk drive from 30M/s to 80M/s if its plugged into a USB 3 socket.

So how do you tell ?

  • USB 3 sockets are often BLUE
  • Run Device Manager and Order by Connection
  • Use a hdd case that has a power light showing you the speed (the SALCAR SATA USB 3 case power LED glows WHITE for USB2 and BLUE for USB3)
  • Manually test transfer speeds in different sockets

apple macbook defaults write hacks

apple macbook defaults write hacks including getting screenshots to save in a subdir


defaults write com.apple.screencapture location ~/Pictures/Screenshots

bitvpn vpn supports #kerio, #pptp, #openvpn and #httpsproxy

zenmate vpn (https://osde8info.wordpress.com/2016/02/06/vpns-from-themarysue-but-which-vpn-is-best/) seems to be easiest vpn to use but if you want more flexibility (and complexity) you can also get bitvpn vpn (https://bitvpn.org/) for $35 instead of $200


also more vpns deals at



bitvpn vpn supports

  • kerio
  • pptp
  • openvpn
  • https proxy

bitvpn vpn servers