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animation apps for android and ios

crayola are currently promoting animate-it for creating animations but there are also animation apps available for android and ios such as imotion, looksee, stickdraw and toontastic

where can i buy windows 7 ? just lie to microsoft !

you cant ! but by lying to microsoft you can get a conversion kit for #100 !

simply backup and restore a copy of windows 7 from another pc onto the pc you want windows 7 on it will say “this is a counterfit copy of windows” (obviously not true) ignore this message then click on the click to fix this problem then LIE to microsoft by “admitting” you have a “counterfit” copy (which you dont) and they will offer to you the conversion kit which consists of a new licence key by email and new 32bit and 64bit dvds by post

windows 7 system backup & restore

to create a windows 7 system backup & restore it you first need to run

  • disk cleanup
  • disk defrag
  • disk shrink

because you can only restore the backup to a BIGGER disk for example if you are only using 30G of a 300G disk you CANNOT restore the backup to a 200G disk but you could to a 500G disk which you might not have

when you have shrunk you disk you can then run

  • start | maintenance | create a system repair dvd
  • start | maintenance | backup and restore | create a system image dvd set


  • boot from system repair dvd
  • insert system image dvds when required

make sure you only restore to same hardware otherwise you will get the error

  • this is an invalid copy of windows

Pharrell Williams #Happy Around The World #bangkok #istanbul #leipzig #moscow

Pharrell Williams #Happy Around The World

ibm devops bluemix cloud

IBM BlueMix is an implementation of IBM’s Open Cloud Architecture, leveraging Cloud Foundry to enable developers to rapidly build, deploy, and manage their cloud applications, while tapping a growing ecosystem of available services and runtime frameworks.