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brother mfc-j4610dw printer drivers for gnu/linux, windows7 and windows10

brother mfc-j4610dw printer firmware and drivers for gnu/linux, windows 7 and windows 10

brother origami


  • ink is expensive (£80) but dont be tempted to buy cheap fake ink from ebay (£6) as it doesnt work – i am currently trying morgan IJT ink (£22)

devolo home networking without wires or wifi

you can use devolo home networking devices to create a home network without wires or wifi – it transmits data over your mains !

plug in one devolo device to your router then plug in other ones into every room you want a connection

and some devolo devices have multiple ethernet ports or even wifi repeaters built in !




and devolo 500 devices are backwards compatible with devolo 200 devices

in fact dont just add 500 devices to a 200 network SWAP the master plug with one of your new 500 devices and run 200 and 500 connections (or in this example 88, 126 and 236 connections)

devolo network


fed up paying £2.50 per kids prepay credit card in sainsburys try gohenry or osper@ £2.5o per month instead

fed up paying £2.50 per kids prepay mastercard or visacard credit card in asda, sainsburys or tescos then try gohenry or osper@ £2.5o per month instead



its official if youve got a old low spec PC try xubuntu

its official ! if youve got a old low spec PC try the ubuntu alternatives like Lubuntu or Xubuntu.

NOTE: Standard Ed/X/Ubuntu releases have 9 month of maintenance and LTS releases have 3 years of support.

if you are switching electricity and gas energy suppliers watch out for white label rebranding

uk energy supplier switching sites

but BEWARE of rebranding for example sainsburys energy is actually british gas energy