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you can change #windows 10 ms #edge #browser download location just by using file explorer

you can’t change windows 10 ms edge browser download location inside edge itself but you can by just by using file explorer (and you DO NOT need to run regedit !)


@livestream @dreamforce 2015 @saleforce #saas #crm videos

@livestream @dreamforce 2015 @saleforce #saas #crm videos

Why a new website but no app? Part 1

TfL Digital Blog

A question we’ve been asked many times when gathering feedback on our new website is when we’ll develop smartphone apps for travel tools such as Journey Planner, maps, bus and Tube arrivals and service status.

What many people don’t realise is that, while we don’t provide a smartphone app ourselves, we provide all the data that powers the 200 or so apps which are already available.

Open Data Apps Our ‘open data’ approach means that our data is already used to power around 200 apps

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on 10aug15 all links to the #usedtobe #free-of-charge synergy project #flos #kvm download exes were deleted

On 10aug15 all links to the used to be free-of-charge synergy project #flos #kvm screen sharing exes for m$ windoz were deleted from the synergy site and sourceforge

DO NOT waste time your time signing up for a “FREE” account it does NOT let you download synergy project for FREE unless you are a student or have another qualifying excuse

You will need to download m$ visual studio community and the synergy project sourcecode from git hub and then compile it yourself.

#windoz 10 changing the #locale from #US to #UK is no longer one click

m$ have changed the control panel(s) in windows 10 for clock, languages and region so you now need to

  • download English (United Kingdom) Language Pack – Windows 10
  • reboot
  • choose UK instead of US in about 6 different places
  • reset default locale to UK
  • copy UK locale to system locale and the new user locale

see also

windows 10 us & uk

windows 10 us & uk

windows 10 us & uk

#free #fake #windows 7 vms by @microsoftuk for you to download available on

free fake windows 7 vms by microsoft uk for you to download available on

“This copy of Windows is not genuine” ?


please sire i downloaded it from the microsoft windows site ?


when i run the free fake microsoft windows 7 why does chkdsk kick in the first time ?

This copy of Windows is not genuine