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ms visual c++ 2013 2015 2017 runtimes are NOT updated by windows update

ms visual c++ runtimes are NOT updated by windows update for example you may have c++ 2017 14.10.25008 installed whereas the latest is c++ 2017 14.14.26429 so you will need to regularly check and update them yourself

see https://osde8info.wordpress.com/2018/08/11/ms-visual-c-redistributables-2013-2015-2017/


windows 10 18.03 breaks lenovo thinkpad display brightness and then bricks notebook @microsoftuk pls fix asap #fail

windows 10 18.03 (1803) update breaks lenovo thinkpad display brightness controls and then bricks notebook @microsoftuk pls fix asap

after updating to windows 10 18.03 (1803) on a lenovo thinkpad t410

  • display brightness controls no longer work
  • if you click reset your security processor (clear TPM) notebook is bricked and never reboots


  • DO NOT upgrade to windows 10 18.03
  • turn nightlight settings on to reduce display brightness
  • DO NOT click on reset your security processor
  • if you do then factory reset your BIOS and completely disable intel amt

windows 10 18.03 bricks thinkpad t410

toshiba ms windows 7 ms office 2010 starter edition bundles

if you have a toshiba with ms windows 7 and ms office 2010 starter edition bundle do not throw it away (fyi ms office 2010 starter is an official ms adware funded edition of ms office)

despite what it says if you randomly goog the net ms office 2010 starter can work with m$ windows 8 and m$ windows 10 if you follow the correct procedure

The biggest confusion is that M$ have named the Office Starter 2010 installer app “MS Office Starter 2010” and this installer app ONLY appears while your OS is windows 7.

IMPORTANT The Microsoft Office 2010 item only appears on a Windows 7 PC that has Microsoft Office Starter 2010. It is used to install Office Starter 2010 and is NOT the full-featured version of Office 2010.

#windows10 #blackscreen desktops a fun new idea from @microsoft_uk

Heres a fun new idea from @microsoft_uk if your windows 10 hasnt been activated correctly “you’ll receive periodic reminders that Windows is not genuine. In addition, to more clearly display these messages, your desktop might turn black. You can reset it, but every 60 minutes, it will return to black until the issue is resolved.”

Regardless of genuine status, Windows will still be able to get critical security updates. 



ninite software bundler and installer

do you keep reinstalling a bundle of apps on a windows pc ie firefox, libreoffice, windirstat etc ?

if so ninite can help you by bundling all the installers into a single download and install for you !

and ninite pro can also patch and secure the installs too !