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You have questions about a point of interest, an exhibition or a historical building? You would like to receive current timetable information quickly? You would like to reserve tickets for a concert? Using the LINKBOX provides direct on-the-go access to all relevant information without having to type in internet links on your cell phone keypad. Plus: always get up-to-date information; be it changes to timetables and delays or availability of tickets in real time. And because you can easily bookmark the link in your mobile phone you can always access it later to show your family and friends or even send it to them through your phone.

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Yahoo! MyBlogLog Social Media Connector

Fill in the gaps in your flickr,, pownce, social media network mesh by just logging in to your MyBlogLog and goto your MyBlogLog Connector page

Connector helps you fill in the connection gaps with your friends across the services you use. If you're friends on MyBlogLog, you probably should be friends on the other services you use. This will help you do just that.

Click a green plus icon (Click to Connect) below to connect to a friend at a service.

If you want to open all connections with a friend, click a green arrow icon (Connect on All Services) and multiple windows will open with your friend's profiles.

As oAuth becomes available, we will be able to make connections without opening a new window.

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Java SE for Business

Java SE 1.4 will reach End of Service Life (EOSL) in Oct 2008 so if you or your application still needs to use 1.4 you may need to purchase Java SE for Business instead !

Java SE for Business End User Site License    
$10 per employee     $11 per employee     $12.50 per employee

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Arora WebKit browser

Arora is a simple cross platform web browser. Currently Arora is a very basic browser whose feature list includes things like "History" and "Bookmarks". It does not have support for netscape plugins, so no flash support until Qt 4.5. But it is small, less than 10,000 lines of code, very fast, lean, mean and loads of fun to hack on.

To make rapid progress possible, we try to keep the code relatively easy to understand, straightforward algorithms and data structures are used when possible. Consistent code styling, clear, maintainable code, and we continue to improve names and code structure to aid understanding.

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Firefox 3 is already the second most popular version of Firefox

According to my google analytics web statistics Firefox 3 is already the second most popular version (@ 20%) of Firefox for visitors one of my sites !

POS    Version  Visits    %
1.       29     60.42%    
2.     3.0               9     18.75%
3.         3     6.25%
4.       3     6.25%
5.       2     4.17%
6.        1     2.08%
7.        1     2.08%

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