there is no such thing as the perfect gnu/linux #desktop ! but @oraclelinux, @ibm @redhat and @canonical @xubuntu are as close as you can get

the perfect gnu/linux #desktop just does not exist ! but @oraclelinux, @ibm @redhat and @canonical @xubuntu are as close as you can get


oracle linux and ibm red hat linux only run GNOME which uses 4G of RAM which make them unusable on sub £500 hardware and have never been able to run chromium however MS has now fixed this with edge

xubuntu solves the MEMORY problem with XFCE but then pre-installs a lot of AUTOSTART garbage such as SNAP, SPICE & UNATTENDED UPGRADE that use up to 50% CPU for no reason

UU is garbage for THREE reasons

  • it uses 50% CPU
  • it breaks aptitude
  • it doesnt actually install any updates

if you are getting any of these problems or errors

# aptitude safe-upgrade
E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend. 
It is held by process 3349 (unattended-upgr)
E: Unable to acquire the dpkg frontend lock (/var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend), is another process using it?

then i suggest uninstalling it

# aptitude remove unattended-upgrades

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IBM @RedHat Enterprise Linux 8 @Mozilla #Firefox does not have the OpenH264 Video Codec enabled by default #webrtc #h264 #video #codec

after installing IBM Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 run Mozilla Firefox goto about:addons and enable it

OpenH264 Video Codec provided by Cisco Systems, Inc.

This plugin is automatically installed by Mozilla to comply with the WebRTC specification and to enable WebRTC calls with devices that require the H.264 video codec. Visit to view the codec source code and learn more about the implementation.

we can fightback ! #notamazon #shoplocal #newnormal #tnw

we can fightback ! #notamazon #shoplocal #newnormal #tnw

how to check if your economy 7 electric meter is working #energy @octopusenergy #economy7

sign up for a smartmeter to get half hourly readings (maybe from Octopus Energy)

you should have HIGH usage for 00:00am to 0700am if you dont (see below) and your HIGH usage starts at 07:00am (and stops at 23:59pm) your ECONOMY 7 system is broken

call your electric energy provider to get it fixed

the secret customer service number for Octopus Energy is 080 8164 1088

24 hour energy usage graph showing BORKEN economy 7 kicking in at 7am instead of turning off at 7am

atomic auctions for blockchain tokens

atomic auctions for blockchain tokens a sort of ebay for blockchain crypto

Welcome to OpenSea – OpenSea blog

On eBay, you have to pay the seller before they ship the goods.

On OpenSea, the seller makes a binding promise to sell goods for a certain price, the buyer makes a binding promise to pay the price, and when those two promises are paired up with one another, the deal happens in a single transaction.

Things almost always go well, but when they don’t, it’s like the deal never started. No one’s left empty handed.

blockchain assets


you will need

foreign travel bans are still in place for #philippines, #thailand and #vietnam #covid #covid19 #covid20 #covidchaos #stayathome #youhavenochoice

foreign travel bans are still in place for #philippines, #thailand and #vietnam #covid #covid19 #covid20 #covidchaos #stayathome #youhavenochoice

free online #cloud photo albums (@ever, @flickr, @googphoto) are dying by the day by – i guess you could say the #newnormal @flickr is still alive (you have to pay for more than 3000 photos ) – #backup #flickralt #photobackup #storage

free online #cloud photo albums (@ever, @flickr, @googphoto) are dying by the day by – i guess you could say the #newnormal @flickr is still alive (you have to pay for more than 3000 photos ) – #backup #flickralt #photobackup #storage

maybe now you have no choice but to get out your chequebook

see also