foldingathome repos from 2018 for @centos and @ubuntu #beatthevirus

foldingathome repos from 2018 for @centos and @ubuntu #beatthevirus

oracle linux 7 software collections

oracle linux 7 software collections


# yum install scl-utils 
# scl list
# yum list available sw_col-\*
# yum --disablerepo="*" --enablerepo="*_SoftwareCollections" list available

CentOS 8 has split packages into baseos and appstream repos

CentOS 8 has split packages into baseos and appstream repos

appstream repos are further split into modules streams and module profiles

there is a new command to manage the modules

# dnf modulesĀ 
# dnf module enable module-name:stream
# dnf module list postgresql

and new install commands to install module streams and module profiles

# dnf install @module-name:stream/profile


VirtualBox CentOS 8 guest additions install

To get VirtualBox guest additions to install in CentOS 8 you first need to install

# dnf install epel-release
# dnf install tar bzip2 kernel-devel-$(uname -r) \
kernel-headers perl gcc make elfutils-libelf-devel

then insert the guest additions cd and if not running X manually mount it

# mkdir /media/iso
# mount /dev/cdrom /media/iso

then run

# cd /media/iso
# ./


instagram #smn #bmn 2FA gotcha

If you use the same mobile number to turn ON 2FA on a second instagram account it DISABLES 2FA on the first instagram account.

So you need different mobile numbers for each instagram account you have to avoid getting the following warning :

You turned off two-factor authentication for this Instagram account because you reused the same phone number to confirm another account.

This means you won’t need to enter a security code when you log in.

If you want to turn it back on, you’ll need to use a unique phone number for each account.

CentOS 7 & 8 IBM Red Hat 7 & 8 KDE install

CentOS 7 & IBM Red Hat 7 KDE desktop

# yum grouplist

# yum groupinstall KDE

CentOS 8 IBM Red Hat 8 KDE desktop

# rpm -Uvh
# dnf config-manager --enable PowerTools
# dnf config-manager --enable epel-playground
# dnf group install "KDE Plasma Workspaces"
# dnf group install kde-desktop
# dnf group install kde-apps

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