Reclaim your freedom with RMS

Reclaim your freedom with RMS


ms windows 10 cortana & lenovo howtos

ms windows 10 cortana howtos

and if you are running windows 10 on a lenovo you can use the Wake Word + a Trigger Word to control your notebook

Hey Cortana, ask Lenovo to set audio to movies


Hey Cortana, have Lenovo optimize audio for music


Voila! Without a single click, your PC’s sound settings are adjusted.


why @giffgaff is the best #mobile network for relationship #breakups

if you have set up your bf/gf/partners phone on giffgaff and connected it to your creditcard like any perfect partner would you can instantly disable their sim (by swapping to the spare gg sim that you always have in your pocket) and disable their number (by chosing a new number) whenever you ever fall out with said bf/gf/partner or they leave you or they leave the country

windows 10 18.03 breaks lenovo thinkpad display brightness and then bricks notebook @microsoftuk pls fix asap #fail

windows 10 18.03 (1803) update breaks lenovo thinkpad display brightness controls and then bricks notebook @microsoftuk pls fix asap

after updating to windows 10 18.03 (1803) on a lenovo thinkpad t410

  • display brightness controls no longer work
  • if you click reset your security processor (clear TPM) notebook is bricked and never reboots


  • DO NOT upgrade to windows 10 18.03
  • turn nightlight settings on to reduce display brightness
  • DO NOT click on reset your security processor
  • if you do then factory reset your BIOS and completely disable intel amt

windows 10 18.03 bricks thinkpad t410

how is it even possible to view the web securely ?

how is it even possible to view the web securely ? should i use a “secure” browser or a “secure” os or a “secure” vpn ?

“secure” duckduckgo browser

“secure” tor browser

“secure” os

“secure” vpn