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the power of opensource (eg android opencamera app)

maybe you have been enjoying using the opensource android opencamera app

maybe you love the fixed infinite focus feature and maybe youre thinking i would like another new feature like “auto untilt” !

well thats the power of opensource you can ADD any feature you want yourself just get the free libre open source code, learn java and android mobdev and away you go

PS BUT google first as you may find its already been written and it turns out that “auto untilt” already exists -albeit with the wrong name

google #chromebooks can now run #android apps

At Google I/O 2016, Google announced that Google Play would be launching on Chromebooks. As an Android developer, your apps will soon be compatible with Chromebooks.

two #goodish reasons to replace your #flos #opensource #goog #android #mobile with a #closedsource #apple #ios #iphone

two goodish reasons to replace your opensource goog android with a closedsource apple ios iphone

1) When you crop a iphone photo it auto straightens it !

and if you live in London or Paris (or other big city)

2) Apple’s iOS iPhone 3D maps leave Google Earth 3D and Nokia Maps 3D looking old fashioned


apple ios iphone 3d map

apple ios iphone 3d map

apple ios iphone 3d map

apple ios iphone 3d map