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Open Source ON2 VP8 WebM Video Codec

Google have just released the ON2 VP8 Video Codec as Open Source and are now started to deploy it in the Goog Chromium browser and on Goog YouTube ! Adobe have already promised to include support for it in their latest Flash Player !

ON2 VP8 Comparisons

ON2 VP8 WebM

ON2 VP8 Players

ON2 VP8 editors for creating and publishing content

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Open Source Way

Open Source For America from Red Hat

The open source way is about possibility.
Open source presents a new way to solve old problems. To share ideas and effort.

The open source way opens doors.
Open source offers a new perspective. Open, not closed. Collaboration, not isolation.

The open source way multiplies.
Knowledge. Effort. Inspiration. Creativity. Innovation. The impact is exponential.

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xubuntu 10.4 is broken !

please dont waste your time trying to upgrade to xubuntu 10.4 if you have a hp compaq presario a900 because the keyboard will DIE after the first boot after install ! It took me one hour to discover this and another hour to reinstall xubuntu 9.10 to fix it !

xubuntu 9.10 is'nt perfect either but at least the keyboard works enough to let you login !

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Rackspace show how BMNM should be done !

Rackspace Cloud have really got the hang of Business Media Network Marketing ! You will find a Rackspace Cloud presence on the following Social Media Networks and Business Media Neworks:

they have their own blog 
and Rackspace's Chairperson Graham Weston uses  
where you can see he is even a keen follower of netpromoter scores !

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goog goes ocr

Just noticed that when i take a photo on my android with goog goggles it also sends the photo to goog ocr ! I recently took a photo of London IMAX and goog goggles took me straight to site of the advert ("worlds first LED HDTV") that was on the side of the London IMAX !

And on a slightly related topic goog docs can instantly convert (OCR?) a PDF into HTML !

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android ebooks from aldiko and o’reilly

I've just discovered the android ebook reader app from aldiko that lets you download and read free books and books from o'reilly

I'm tempted to try o'reillys python pyparsing ebook for $9.99 but not sure if i should go for "15% off aldiko o'reilly purchases", "2 for 3 on ebooks" or "free shipping" promotions !

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googlemail UK becomes gmail UK

Google Mail is becoming Gmail in the UK but if you are using an android think before you say YES to switch from yourname @googlemail to yourname @gmail because you will need to soft FACTORY RESET your android via the settings privacy menu to change the goog account associated with your mobile !

It might also be useful to FIRST backup all your android apps to your SD card by download and running the Linda File Manager android app !

By the way this is the SECOND time I've had to factory reboot / factory reset my android in a week. The first time was because i loaded too many apps onto my phone (and ignored the low memory < 20M) warnings which caused my android nexus mobile phone to completely LOCK UP everytime i turned it on!

The only way to recover from a locked endlessly booting android is to perform a hard FACTORY RESET !

  • Press and keep pressing VOL- button (or the trackball button)
  • Press the POWER button
  • Choose BOOT options
  • Reboot android 

I also noticed Linda Backup didnt backup my "paid for" apps and recover your apps from SD card you'll have to enable install apps from unknown sources (ie your SD card). Luckily google android marketplace seems to remember which apps you have "paid for" and lets you download them again even after a soft factory reset !

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