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business media networking with pinterest

business media networking with pinterest for business

actual converts (businesses already using pinterest for business media network marketing)

pinterest for business case studies

business media networking gone wild

It seems that everyone is now jumping on the business media networking bandwagon with such phrases as “share, manage and access all your business content online” and “private social network for your company”

Cloud sharing and storage services

alfresco wcm quick start

alfresco community wcm quick start using a client and a server instead of having everything installed locally

  • edit server host file and add
    • edit.myalfresco
    • live.myalfresco
  • navigate and login to  http://edit.myalfresco:8080/alfresco
  • navigate and login to  http://edit.myalfresco:8080/share
  • follow the alfresco “create the web quick start site” instructions (note this is done in the Sites folder rather than the Web Projects folder !)
  • navigate and login to  http://edit.myalfresco:8080/wcmqs
  • follow the alfresco “publishing content” instructions
  • navigate and login to  http://live.myalfresco:8080/wcmqs
you can even use alfresco as a front end to drupal by using the drupal cmis module

alfresco explorer
alfresco explorer

alfresco share
alfresco share

alfresco edit
alfresco edit site

alfresco live
alfresco live site