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huddle shuts down free account signup

huddle is no longer free and have made the following announcemnet to potential huddle users

in order to respond to the requirements of our customers, which include a higher degree of control, customization and integration, we are no longer offering free Huddle accounts to new subscribers.

and for existing Huddle user?

The free account you own at the moment is yours to keep for as long as you choose to use it.However, please note that many of our upcoming features as well as new mobile and desktop applications will not be available on your existing account.

will, dropbox and the others  follow suit soon ?

the new delicious allows spaces in tags

after many many years of begging the new owners of delicious have finally implemented tags with spaces ! thank you ! thank you !

Are tags the same?

Tags function the same way, except that now we support multi-word tags. For example, you can add the tag “San Francisco” without underscores or other symbol tricks, and we will recognize it as a single tag. Separate your tags with commas so we know what words belong together.

make sure you get the latest bookmarklet from


android floss open source apps directory and appstore from f-droid


  • audalyser
  • barcode scanner
  • connectbot
  • diskusage
  • ghost commander
  • gvSIG mini maps
  • hacker’s 5-line keyboard
  • network discovery
  • opensatnav
  • osmdroid
  • tiltmazes
  • tomdroid

tiltmazes android app f-droidosmdroid android app f-droidandroid app f-droiddiskusage android app f-droidconnectbot android app featuring hackers keyboardaudalyzer android app f-droid

ghost commander android app f-droid

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business media networking gone wild

It seems that everyone is now jumping on the business media networking bandwagon with such phrases as “share, manage and access all your business content online” and “private social network for your company”

Cloud sharing and storage services

BackTrack GNU/Linux Security Distro

BackTrack GNU/Linux from Offensive Security is a custom distribution designed for security testing for all skill levels from novice to expert. It is the largest collection of wireless hacking, server exploiting, web application assessing, social-engineering tools available in a single Linux distribution.

LogMeIn Hamachi VPN

A beta of LogMeIn Hamachi VPN is now available for Linux and offers connectivity from dispersed environments to your resources.

LogMeIn network visualisation

after installing the hamachi rpm

# service logmein-hamachi start
# hamachi login
# hamachi attach "your-logmein-email-addr"
# hamachi

the final hamachi command will list your settings

if you want it to autostart on reboot you’ll need to

# chkconfig logmein-hamachi on

full documentation is available in /opt/logmein-hamachi/README

# hamachi -h
LogMeIn Hamachi, a zero-config virtual private networking utility, ver