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goog have created their own wikipedia called google knol ! it’s a wiki where you can control who can edit your contributions !

and where you can put your goog analytics and your goog adsense adverts on !

web test tools

just spent an hour or so adding and updating enlistments and tags so you can now make an informed choice on which free libre open source web test tool to use

denyhosts or fail2ban ?

should i use denyhosts or fail2ban to protect my servers ?

apparently denyhosts uses tcp wrappers and only protects ssh whereas fail2ban uses iptables and can check more ports but looking at ohloh both seem to be unchanged for 2+ years old and they both only have 12 users !



Windows 7 SP 1

If you can’t find Windows 7 SP 1 listed in your Windows Updates check that KB976902 is installed. You may save downloading the extra 50 updates before installing Windows 7 SP 1 !

Finally dont forget to run Windows Update after you have installed Windows 7 SP 1 to pick up any extra Windows Updates.

UK PostCode data is now “free” and “open”

UK PostCode data is finally “free” and “open” and available as “Code-Point Open” which is a postal geography dataset subject to the  UK OGL licence

thanks to the efforts of the following





DELL OpenManage 5.1 and 6.2

DELL OpenManage 5.1 is avaliable on a CentOS 4.4 Live CD

DELL OpenManage 6.2 – 6.4 can be installed via yum !

robtex sysadmin swiss army knife

robtex sysadmin swiss army knife internet tool(s)