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why not use some of your #wfh #virustime to tidy up your #smn & #bmn branding ? #beatthevirus

why not use some of your #wfh #virustime to tidy up your #smn & #bmn branding ? #beatthevirus

hopefully my brand images are now (finally) in sync across all my social media networks and business media networks




is your open desktop really open ?#opensource #freelibreopensource

is your (free libre) open desktop really (free libre) open ?

this post was prompted by todays project which was to install GNU/linux natively on a HP elitebook notebook so i can run docker and access the @nvidia GPUs in @instaserver @foldingathome containers

phase 1 – install xubuntu


  • NO WIFI DRIVERS (none nothing nada)

so try a bunch of usb wifi dongles


so lets connect notebook to our mobile via an ethernet cable (here’s how)

  • apt update
  • apt install aptitude
  • aptitude update

let try and get missing drivers

  • aptitude install synaptic
  • run synaptic
  • enable PROPRIETARY drivers !

YAY ! NVIDIA VIDEO and BROADCOM WIFI are auto detected


  • install the PROPRIETARY drivers


video and wifi now work

BUT NOTE I and this is the main point I NOW NO LONGER HAVE A FREE LIBRE OPEN SOURCE DESKTOP so I might have well left Microsoft Windows 10 running natively which is what i HAVE been doing for the last 5 years and would have kept doing if hadnt especially wanted to test docker & nvidia GPUs and @foldingathome.

So are you running an open desktop ?

If it is only semi (free libre) open why not run Windows 10 natively and run a TRUE OPEN SOURCE DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT inside Oracle VirtualBox or VMware Player ?

SD cards FAT16, FAT32 & exFAT

SanDisk SD cards come prefomatted as FAT16, FAT32 & exFAT according to size

  • 2GB FAT16
  • 4GB to 32GB FAT32
  • 64GB or higher exFAT

If you have a SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive or SanDisk Wireless Stick

  • 16GB & 32GB SD cards must be formatted as FAT32
  • 64GB and higher capacity drives are compatible and can be formatted as exFAT

If you are still having problems try reformatting them with EaseUs Partition Manager

or windows disk manager

if none of the above work you can get a replacement SanDisk Wireless Flash Drive or  SanDisk Wireless Stick from SanDisk


#beatthevirus with @todaytix #theshowmustgoonline #drama #opera #theatre tips #cvuk #londonlockdown #uklockdown

#beatthevirus with @todaytix tips

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windows desktop ! dev with gcc

although we are normally focused on server dev i though it might be worth posting this since native desktop C++ development seems to be making a bit of a comeback as a side effect of growth of ardunio, arm & IOT