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#goog #hotel ads and #search have changed

google hotel ads and search have changed

for developers


#google #play “free” #mp3’s seem to be 40X cheaper than #amazonuk #prime “free” #mp3’s

AmazonUK free “MP3 of the day” seem to have disappeared and you now need to pay £80 a year to get access to “free” streaming so over 5 years you’ll pay £400 for amazon free mp3s and if you forget to pay all your MP3s will autodestruct.

Googles Play Android MP3 music player doesnt work without a £10 topup card (which you dont have to spend on music) and there are still free “MP3 of the week” so with no annual fee and no autodestruct it makes goog play at least 40X cheaper over 5 years.


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