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Woolworths and the Credit Crunch on flickr !

Aptana launch new Eclipse IDE for PHP

Aptana Studio 1.2.1 Aptana PHP 1.0.0 is the robust, free, open source IDE for PHP featuring everything you need to get started fast and get even faster with developing, testing, tuning, and deploying your PHP apps. From pre-installed PHP servers, code assist, code templates, code generation, debugging, refactoring, database tools and more.


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What is oohgle ?

What is oohgle ? Is it just an advert on the tube ?

I've seen green and orangle oohgle's on the Northern Line but there are apparently purple oohgle's too ! The number one oohgle search result was this blog and the number two was oohgle itself !

Find out more at and get free CokePoints from oohgle Posterscope at !

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Now everyone can try an Amazon AWS EC2 JumpBox for an hour !

You dont need an Amazon AWS Account, a credit card or even need ElasticFox !

JumpBox will automatically start up an Amazon AMI for you on the cloud and shut it down one hour later !

Try an Amazon EC2 JumpBox with Zenoss for yourself for an hour @

Just give them your email address your get three URLs:

Surely this is the future of all software demos for distros, software appliances, virtual machines, etc etc ?

JumpBox - Home_1228909867423JumpBox - Home_1228909867423Zenoss_1228910226419Zenoss_1228910195825

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All-In-One Printer Scanner for GNU/Linux

Are you looking for an All-In-One Printer Scanner for GNU/Linux then look no further than than the HP Photosmart 4500 series (C4580) or HP OfficeJet 7400 series (L7480) !

hp officejet and hp photosmart all-in-onehp officejet and hp photosmart all-in-one

The HP C4500 uses the following inks :

  • 350, 350XL black
  • 351, 351XL tri-colour
  • 348 photo shades

and can be connected via USB or the following Wi-Fi network ports :

  • 137, 138, 161
  • 427
  • 9100, 9220, 9500

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Three 3 3G broadband USB dongle stick

The Three 3 3G broadband USB dongle stick (for £99 from CarPhoneWarehouse for 12GB or 12 months (whichever first)) is absolutely brill !

It only takes a couple of hours to set up and install its software update then you can surf almost anywhere in the UK on almost any 3G network !

It lights up in three colours green, blue & cyan (which means it's connected at the highest speed.

and SpeedTest.Net calculates a download speed of 333K from three's gateway hub (?) in Ireland !

It also doubles as a MicroSD card reader / stick !

Tech Info:

  • Model E160G
  • 3connect software supplied is 1.0.0 BL 36
  • 3connect software updates to 1.0.0 BL 53
  • 3 3G broadband tel no is *99***1#

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