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CerberusWeb also gets BMNM and SMNM

CerberusWeb now has BMN and SMN profiles for BMNM and SMNM on the following social networks:

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Enough with the exclamation mark(!) (via “…as long as it’s black.”)

Enough with the exclamation mark(!) Yahoo. Or Yahoo!. Potato, Tomato etc. Does it really matter? Yup, I think it does. If you take a read of this then it will become clear that punctuation and trademarks are a complex partnership. But before you even get involved in the legalities of ownership and trademarks, in a world where every character counts, where speed and ease of communication is more and more critical, exclamations are simply a waste of a character, that sadly add very l … Read More

via "…as long as it's black."

Nonsuch Business Media Networking

Nonsuch Palace in Cheam, Surrey, is another good example of an organisation who understand Social Media Networking marketing and Business Media Networking marketing !

As well as the Nonsuch Palace corporate site you can find them on:

and have some of their events listed on upcoming

and they have even managed to get a 2min plug in a C4 TimeTeam 4OD special on Henry VIII mansions just fast forward to 01h08m !

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ubuntu 9.10 pcmcia plug&play just works !

I just bought some "end of line" (5 year old !) NETGEAR WPN-511 pcmcia Wi-Fi cards from my local Staples for £7.50 each.

(Since all the internal seals were broken it looks like they were "customer returns" as well as "end of line" so check first before buying and as you may be able to negotiate a bit more discount !)

Anyhow on my xubuntu 9.10 notebook I just swapped my kcorp lifestyle KLS-611 (Ralink RT2500) pcmcia card with the 'new' NETGEAR WPN-511 (Atheros AR5001X+) and rebooted !

Not only did ubuntu instantly recognise the Atheros chipset it even remembered all my SSID & WPA details and automatically linked me to my Wi-Fi network !

netgear, wi-finetgear, wi-fi

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OpenStreetMap CloudMade Services are now FREE !

OpenStreetMap CloudMade Services are now free-of-charge (funded by LBA) !

If you are a mobile or web developer – we have good news! As of today, when you sign up for a CloudMade developer account all of our services will be free of charge and will let you make money with location based advertising (LBA).

CloudMade’s services include:

  • Style Editor – customize your maps
  • Forward and Reverse Geocoding & Local Search
  • iPhone SDK and Mobile SDKs
  • Static Maps
  • Routing – vehicle, pedestrian and cycle navigation
  • Web Maps Studio
  • Data Market Place (some sets are now free)
  • Navi Studio – add fully featured turn-by-turn navigation apps

Right after you sign up for a CloudMade developer account, you’ll also get LBA with revenue share and instant access to our 10,500-strong developer community to help you get started.

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