BT HomeHub 5 broadband router now transmits a BTWifi-X signal

Apparently the BT HomeHub 5 broadband router now transmits an additional BTWifi-X signal so that the BT iOS 6 wifi app can connect more easily via 802.1x authentication !

Panasonic TZ60 the world’s slimmest 30x gps nfc wifi camera

Panasonic TZ60 is the  world’s slimmest 30x gps nfc wifi camera has a 24mm ultra wide-angle 30x optical zoom LEICA DC lens (35mm camera equiv.: 24-720mm). To fit the lens unit in a slim body, Panasonic adopts sliding structure to the O.I.S. lens unit and divides zoom lenses in 6 groups.

gadget of the day sandisk connect wifi flash drive

SanDisk connect wireless flash drive (#20 in pcworld including 16G micro SD card)

works in two modes

  • master mode with its own wifi network that allows 8 (isolated) mobiles to be connected
  • slave mode to another existing wifi network allowing all your devices to be connected


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Six unanswered questions about the Apple Watch

Originally posted on Gigaom:

Apple announced its smartwatch platform on Tuesday, and although we know infinitely more than we did before CEO Tim Cook’s reveal, there’s still a lot of unanswered questions about the device that won’t go on sale until early 2015. Of course, it’s hard to pack all the information a consumer might need to know into a short two-hour presentation, which also covered the new iPhones. But for the prospective customer, there’s still a lot that needs to be cleared up before you feel comfortable plunking down $349 for the latest Apple product. Some of the questions may end up having answers that Apple wanted to distract from, but other questions may simply be waiting for their time to be answered.

1. How long will its battery last?

Battery life will be critical for the Apple Watch, and the early indication, based on a Tim Cook quip, is that you might be charging it every night like…

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howto use a bt home hub with a sky hub or virginmedia hub

you can use a bt home hub 4 or 5 with a sky hub or virginmedia hub to extend your broadband wifi network coverage and or add 5G to a 2.4G only network

step 1

  • login to your sky hub or virginmedia hub
  • look at your dhcp range
  • choose a number after or at end of range (such as

step 2

  • login to your bt home hub @
  • goto advanced settings home network
  • change “Hub IP Gateway Address” to ip address chosen above (ie
  • change “DHCP Server” to disabled
  • click apply
  • ignore warnings
  • click apply

step 3

  • connect an ethernet cable from sky or virgin router to a yellow socket (NOT the WAN socket) on bt home hub

step 4

  • connect to sky or virginmedia wifi network
  • browse to ip address chosen above (ie
  • login to bt home hub and change 2.4G and 5G frequencys names and passwords as desired (name and password can even be set to same as your existing sky or virginmedia network provided you choose a different frequency)

step 5

  • enjoy extended 2.4G and additional 5G coverage around your home

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