drupal drush and drupal features

drupal drush and drupal features

BT HomeHub 5 broadband router now transmits a BTWifi-X signal

Apparently the BT HomeHub 5 broadband router now transmits an additional BTWifi-X signal so that the BT iOS 6 wifi app can connect more easily via 802.1x authentication !

Panasonic TZ60 the world’s slimmest 30x gps nfc wifi camera

Panasonic TZ60 is the  world’s slimmest 30x gps nfc wifi camera has a 24mm ultra wide-angle 30x optical zoom LEICA DC lens (35mm camera equiv.: 24-720mm). To fit the lens unit in a slim body, Panasonic adopts sliding structure to the O.I.S. lens unit and divides zoom lenses in 6 groups.


gadget of the day sandisk connect wifi flash drive

SanDisk connect wireless flash drive (#20 in pcworld including 16G micro SD card)

works in two modes

  • master mode with its own wifi network that allows 8 (isolated) mobiles to be connected
  • slave mode to another existing wifi network allowing all your devices to be connected