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New @YouTube #music (#video) #player #UI #UX

Theres a new @YouTube #music (#video) #player #UI #UX – (not recognised by WP yet?)

and a new @YouTube #music (#video) #player android app

its not just a paid for app theres a ad sponsored version too




goog auto @youtube channel creator #chatbots and #robots

goog auto @youtube channel creator #chatbots and #robots

whats the deal with youtube videos that have comments beginning with

Provided to YouTube by ....

and ending with

Auto-generated by YouTube.

is there some sort of goog youtube chatbot or robot that record companies can email CDs to and the youtube robot turns them into a youtube channel and playlists with hidden videos ?


i dont think official answer explains exactly what is going on

my suspicion is that these could be PAYED FOR PRODUCT PLACEMENTS deeply embedded in youtube system

search for more autogenerated albums here


ProtonMail and ProtonVPN

If you need a VPN to view content on your mobile that may be otherwise blocked from you (ie when you are in CN or VN) you create a ProtonMail account and download ProtonMail and ProtonVPN apps

The ProtonVPN free edition lets you choose to pretend to be in 3 countries

maybe @beberlin @visitberlin should remove eurthymics track from #their oneperson #disco #phonebooth

Just been blown away by youtube’s automatic copyright detection of a eurthymics track being played in the background of a video i made inside the @beberlin @visitberlin oneperson #disco #phonebooth.

YouTube bizarely says you cant make money from the video but

  • You can use the copyrighted content in your video, but ads might appear on your video.
  • Your video can’t be played in these countries: Germany

So maybe @beberlin @visitberlin should remove eurthymics track and any other tracks banned in germany from #their #disco #phoneboothshould so they can actually watch the video back home