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my the shard @youtube #playlist

my the shard @youtube #playlist


#sme #startup videos on youtube

GitHub – Why Microsoft Paid $7.5B for the Future of Software!

Actually all the valuetainment videos are great

The Incredible Story of The PayPal Mafia

ProtonMail and ProtonVPN

If you need a VPN to view content on your mobile that may be otherwise blocked from you (ie when you are in CN or VN) you create a ProtonMail account and download ProtonMail and ProtonVPN apps

The ProtonVPN free edition lets you choose to pretend to be in 3 countries

maybe @beberlin @visitberlin should remove eurthymics track from #their oneperson #disco #phonebooth

Just been blown away by youtube’s automatic copyright detection of a eurthymics track being played in the background of a video i made inside the @beberlin @visitberlin oneperson #disco #phonebooth.

YouTube bizarely says you cant make money from the video but

  • You can use the copyrighted content in your video, but ads might appear on your video.
  • Your video can’t be played in these countries: Germany

So maybe @beberlin @visitberlin should remove eurthymics track and any other tracks banned in germany from #their #disco #phoneboothshould so they can actually watch the video back home

why not join stampy and pewdiepie and make £Ms out of youtube gaming videos

why not join stampylonghead and pewdiepie and make £Ms out of youtube gaming videos in your sparetime