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yahoo is killing upcoming next month

forget goog killing its rss reader, the thunderbird rss reader always worked for me, yahoo is killing upcoming next month ! not a big surprise since yahoo haven’t cared about it for over a year and let it fill up with spam “events”

so its time to move all my events to goog+ events or is there a better alternative ?

Yahoo! everything!

A selection of Yahoo! web 3.0 services for web developers from the Yahoo! everything page !

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Yahoo! YAP

Yahoo! YAP
The Yahoo! Application Platform allows you to reach our users and improve the Yahoo! user experience by building and deploying new experiences for them into Yahoo! pages, writing code the way you love to write it. We're looking to you to help us build the next big thing on Yahoo!, and in turn we'll shower you with traffic and users.

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And if you are a web developer based in the UK why not enter the Yahoo! Yap Hack Competition for a chance for your app to get advertised to 330M Yahoo! users !

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The latest flickr / googlemaps / yahoomaps geomap geotag mapping craze seems to be GeoShapes and GeoShaping. Which is basically giving a shape to a locality !

See Flickr

See Google


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flickr gets tough with corporates !

flickr gets tough with corporates !

Note: As stated in our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, Flickr is intended for personal use only. This includes groups. Any commercial use must be pre-approved by Flickr at its sole discretion. If you'd like to create a group for your company or to run a contest, please contact Flickr first. If you don't, Flickr may terminate your group without warning.

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