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Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade tips

Windows 7 updates still seem to be working but you wont get any new updates in the future.


The Windows 10 upgrade seems to work pretty well even with old hardware so if you are still running an unsupported Windows 7 PC its worthwhile creating the Windows 10 installation media / iso

then when prompted by Windows 10 installer / updater for a licence key try using your existing Windows 7 key from the sticker on the back of your pc – you might get lucky – otherwise leave it blank

One exception i have found was an old SAMSUNG NP-Q35 with an Intel Core 2 T7200 which had multiple Windows 10 audio, video, usb & wireless driver problems:

intel 945 express

Your computer’s system firmware does not include enough information to properly configure and use this device. To use this device, contact your computer manufacturer to obtain a firmware or BIOS update. (Code 35)

intel 82801 GBM/GHM (ICH-7)

multiple errors

intel pro/wireless 3945 ABG




you can get around the intel pro/wireless with a realtek rtl8723b usb wifi dongle (~ £10)

finally if your cant get your old hardware to work with Windows 10 try upcycling it by replacing Windows 7 with LinuxLiteOS

smartmeters, hans, wans and zigbee wireless networks

smartmeters, hans, wans and zigbee wireless networks


FREE WorldWide Wi-Fi for all from F&G

Pre-dating NOKIA's "FREE sat nav for all" FON and one of it's equity investors Google (F&G) have created the google mobile app (GMA) that lets you surf the web with a Wi-Fi mobile phone from any fon point in the world  free-of-charge !

Versions of google mobile app are available for Android, iPhone and NOKIA Symbian S60 and other mobile phones and you can also use it with your regular 3G network provider at normal charges. It even includes a sort of proxy server that p/re/formats web pages for mobile screen sizes !

Simply visit m.google.com/search using your phone's web browser and you will sent the right version of Google Mobile App to your phone. 

I shouldn't forget to mention that google mobile app is a web search interface with voice recognition !
Just press the correct NOKIA S60 GMA 'hotkey' ! ('c' on a 6220i or 'ctrl' on a e61i) then press the NOKIA  S60 green handset button while simply "speaking" the word your searching for and GMA will use that word and your GPS position to search the web for you !
There's also a great list of other Symbian S60 apps at http://congleton.vox.com/library/post/nokia-n95-free-apps.html

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All-In-One Printer Scanner for GNU/Linux

Are you looking for an All-In-One Printer Scanner for GNU/Linux then look no further than than the HP Photosmart 4500 series (C4580) or HP OfficeJet 7400 series (L7480) !


hp officejet and hp photosmart all-in-onehp officejet and hp photosmart all-in-one

The HP C4500 uses the following inks :

  • 350, 350XL black
  • 351, 351XL tri-colour
  • 348 photo shades

and can be connected via USB or the following Wi-Fi network ports :

  • 137, 138, 161
  • 427
  • 9100, 9220, 9500

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Microsoft “Universal” Logo means it works on GNU/Linux !

The secret is out ! The M$ "Universal" Logo (a yin yang copied/stolen from Apple ?) on the Microsoft 2000 USB Wireless Keyboard and Mouse means it doesn't need drivers and therefore will work with your BIOS and if you are running GNU/Linux or Apple Mac OS-X !

It would have been nice if they had just written GNU/Linux compatible on the outside of the box !

Why can't all USB hardware be this easy ? And who was the genius who put the CapsLock and NumLock LEDs on the transmitter to save battery power in the keyboard !

If your local Tesco's has sold out of the £20 version Amazon are still selling them for £35

PS I've just noticed it thinks my UK keyboard has a US layout – I'll have to try and fix that !

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Kindle: Amazon’s New Wireless Reading Device

Kindle: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device

  • Revolutionary electronic-paper display provides a sharp, high-resolution screen that looks and reads like real paper.
  • Simple to use: no computer, no cables, no syncing.
  • Wireless connectivity enables you to shop the Kindle Store directly from your Kindle—whether you’re in the back of a taxi, at the airport, or in bed.
  • Buy a book and it is auto-delivered wirelessly in less than one minute.
  • More than 110,000 books available, including more than 90 of 112 current New York Times® Best Sellers.

Sold out before i'd even heard of it !

Due to heavy customer demand, Kindle is temporarily sold out. We are working hard to manufacture Kindles as quickly as possible and are prioritizing orders on a first come, first served basis. Please ORDER KINDLE NOW to reserve your place in line. We will keep you informed by email as we get more precise delivery dates. Note that Kindles cannot currently be sold or shipped to customers living outside of the U.S.

I cant wait for it to be available in the UK !

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BT & FON partnership creates Wi-Fi hotspots for entire UK !


FON and BT have partnered to create the BT FON Community to cover the entire U.K. with hundreds of thousands of BT FON hotspots. FON, the world’s largest Wi-Fi Community, and BT is one of the leading broadband providers in the world, and the birth of our BT FON Community means something uniquely special for broadband users in the U.K. and all over the world.

FON has now been integrated in BT and now more than more than 3 million Total Broadband customers are invited to join the enormous global community of people sharing their WiFi. FON equity investors include Excite, Google & Skype amongst others !

VOIP over Wi-Fi has now arrived in the UK as a viable mobile phone alternative !

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