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toshiba ms windows 7 ms office 2010 starter edition bundles

if you have a toshiba with ms windows 7 and ms office 2010 starter edition bundle do not throw it away (fyi ms office 2010 starter is an official ms adware funded edition of ms office)

despite what it says if you randomly goog the net ms office 2010 starter can work with m$ windows 8 and m$ windows 10 if you follow the correct procedure

The biggest confusion is that M$ have named the Office Starter 2010 installer app “MS Office Starter 2010” and this installer app ONLY appears while your OS is windows 7.

IMPORTANT The Microsoft Office 2010 item only appears on a Windows 7 PC that has Microsoft Office Starter 2010. It is used to install Office Starter 2010 and is NOT the full-featured version of Office 2010.


uk @microsoftuk users will need to reboot pcs 3 times after installing windows 10 1607

uk users will need to reboot their pcs 3 times after installing windows 10 1607 because installing 1607 installs US keyboard on top of UK keyboard

  • 1st time windows 10 1607 update
  • 2nd time switch back to UK keyboard as system default
  • 3rd time remove US keyboard