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ms windows 10 cortana & lenovo howtos

ms windows 10 cortana howtos

and if you are running windows 10 on a lenovo you can use the Wake Word + a Trigger Word to control your notebook

Hey Cortana, ask Lenovo to set audio to movies


Hey Cortana, have Lenovo optimize audio for music


Voila! Without a single click, your PC’s sound settings are adjusted.



windows 10 start task bar folders file explorer shortcut recovery

if you have accidentally removed your windows 10 start task bar folders file explorer shortcut you can recover it by clicking

  • start
  • settings
  • personalisation
  • start
  • choose which folders appear on start (task bar)
  • file explorer = on

the explorer icon should now reappear in the start task bar below the 3 horizontal lines icon

windows 10 homegroup feature will be removed soon

windows 10 homegroup feature will be removed soon

Note: HomeGroup will go away in a future update to Windows 10, but you can still do some of the things it does in other ways—including sharing files, sharing printers, and streaming media with Xbox 360.

windows 10 3d paint app

if you switch your Windows 10 to Windows 10 Insider Creators Update you can get windows 10 3d paint


uk @microsoftuk users will need to reboot pcs 3 times after installing windows 10 1607

uk users will need to reboot their pcs 3 times after installing windows 10 1607 because installing 1607 installs US keyboard on top of UK keyboard

  • 1st time windows 10 1607 update
  • 2nd time switch back to UK keyboard as system default
  • 3rd time remove US keyboard


Windows 7, 8 & 10 (1607) (re)install ISOs now available to download from microsoft

Microsoft Windows 7, 8 & 10 (1607) (re)install isos are now finally available DIRECTLY to download from Microsoft and let you (re)install a CLEAN version of Windows 7, 8 & 10 if you still a have the licence key (often a sticker on back of your PC).

windows 10 (1607) #bluetooth icon annoyance fix

Are you bothered by the windows 10 (1607) bluetooth icon disappears annoyance ?

It seems that in Windows 10 the bluetooth icon no longer goes grey when bluetooth is disabled it completely disappears !

To get it back

  • click Open Action Center (the piece of paper icon)
  • click expand
  • click bluetooth

and the bluetooth icon will magically reappear and bluetooth will be re-enabled.