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fon login page #wifi #wifi-sharing #wwwifi

the fon login page #wifi #wifi-sharing #wwwifi has moved to

more about fon

fon spots in epsom


tenda nova #mesh #wifi #meshwifi #xmas networking fun #netadmin thanks to @amazonuk #todaysdealsand @tenda @tendauk

thanks to amazon uk  todays deals i have managed to build a 4 node tenda nova mesh wifi network for less than £100  – one 2 pack for £40 (todaydeal) and second 2 pack for £60 (ebuyer assoc)

almost ZERO config i just had to factory reset one of the boxes and swap it to be master then all 4 nodes worked fine and as a bonus my 2.4G network is now 5G enabled

probably overkill for a 1 bed flat but perfect for a 4+ bed house

on amazon







tenda whole home mesh wifi faqs

tenda whole home mesh wifi faqs

tenda mesh wifi

tenda mesh wifi

some faqs

  • all units are the same
  • secondary units auto configure
  • up to 10 units can be meshed together
  • there is no web ui
  • 2.4G channel is fixed at CH6 and 5G channel is fixed at CH40
  • to factory reset press reset button for 20 seconds until led is white

taken from

amazon @tenda whole home mesh wifi unboxing

amazon @tenda whole home mesh wifi unboxing


devolo home networking without wires or wifi

you can use devolo home networking devices to create a home network without wires or wifi – it transmits data over your mains !

plug in one devolo device to your router then plug in other ones into every room you want a connection

and some devolo devices have multiple ethernet ports or even wifi repeaters built in !




and devolo 500 devices are backwards compatible with devolo 200 devices

in fact dont just add 500 devices to a 200 network SWAP the master plug with one of your new 500 devices and run 200 and 500 connections (or in this example 88, 126 and 236 connections)

devolo network


wigle.net wifi stats now includes postcode stats

wigle.net wifi stats now includes postcode stats

osde8info stats

Rank: #353   (↓2 since last month)
Month Rank: #462   (↑94 since last month)
Discovered WiFi Networks with GPS: 139,796
Seen WiFi Networks: 282,751

WiFi this month with GPS: 710
WiFi last month with GPS: 2590
Discovered Cells with GPS: 4928

Seen Cells: 7247