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Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade tips

Windows 7 updates still seem to be working but you wont get any new updates in the future.


The Windows 10 upgrade seems to work pretty well even with old hardware so if you are still running an unsupported Windows 7 PC its worthwhile creating the Windows 10 installation media / iso

then when prompted by Windows 10 installer / updater for a licence key try using your existing Windows 7 key from the sticker on the back of your pc – you might get lucky – otherwise leave it blank

One exception i have found was an old SAMSUNG NP-Q35 with an Intel Core 2 T7200 which had multiple Windows 10 audio, video, usb & wireless driver problems:

intel 945 express

Your computer’s system firmware does not include enough information to properly configure and use this device. To use this device, contact your computer manufacturer to obtain a firmware or BIOS update. (Code 35)

intel 82801 GBM/GHM (ICH-7)

multiple errors

intel pro/wireless 3945 ABG




you can get around the intel pro/wireless with a realtek rtl8723b usb wifi dongle (~ £10)

finally if your cant get your old hardware to work with Windows 10 try upcycling it by replacing Windows 7 with LinuxLiteOS

ios apps of the week

ios apps of the week


  • occipital 360
  • PFAR – plane finder augmented reality  (point at a plane in the sky and it tells you where its going)
  • HP ePrint and HP Printer Control
  • dice roller
  • rotary dialer
  • file manager – turn your iphone into an ftp server so you actually copy photos off it
  • national trust
  • vyclone video aggregator

Three features to look out for on your next camcorder

Three features to look out for on your next camcorder

  • GPS – so you never need to manually geotag your photos again
  • Projector – so you never need a TV again
  • Wi-Fi upload – so you never need a USB again

And you can already buy a camcorder with a built-in project just take a look at the Sony HDR-PJ200

fon fun

if you have a fon 2.0g or fun 2.0n you can now experiment with fonosfera beta versions of the firmware

and if you dont have a fon wi-fi hotspot you could turn you windoz pc into one by using bzeek

ubuntu 9.10 pcmcia plug&play just works !

I just bought some "end of line" (5 year old !) NETGEAR WPN-511 pcmcia Wi-Fi cards from my local Staples for £7.50 each.

(Since all the internal seals were broken it looks like they were "customer returns" as well as "end of line" so check first before buying and as you may be able to negotiate a bit more discount !)

Anyhow on my xubuntu 9.10 notebook I just swapped my kcorp lifestyle KLS-611 (Ralink RT2500) pcmcia card with the 'new' NETGEAR WPN-511 (Atheros AR5001X+) and rebooted !

Not only did ubuntu instantly recognise the Atheros chipset it even remembered all my SSID & WPA details and automatically linked me to my Wi-Fi network !

netgear, wi-finetgear, wi-fi

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pixelpipe anytime anywhere

Not only does pixelpipe let you upload photo(s) to dozens of BMNs & SMNs in a single click it is now available for hundreds of different devices !

If you are a googlefan you can even connect it indirectly to your googlebuzz account and use pixelpipe with photoshop.com mobile app on your googledroid !

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Android layar & nru ar apps

I have been blown away by the latest Google Android layer & nru augmented reality apps !

With layar I can now walk around the UK with my Android on a 3G or wi-fi network seeing where the nearest Barclays Bank is, the nearest Post Box is and what houses have been sold and which are for sale in the neighbourhood !  and with the lastminute.com lab nru ar app i see can all the nearest entertainment centres such as 10 pin bowling etc etc !

google nexus androidgoogle android app

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