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android iss hd live app

android iss hd live app





it shouldn’t take over 2 hrs to setup a #whitelabel #webcam

it shouldn’t take over 2 hrs to setup a whitelabel webcam but it did because

  • it only worked with WiFi WPA2 AES passwords
  • it only allows admin passwords of a specific length despite letting you enter more characters
  • it only allows admin passwords of alphanumeric characters despite letting you enter any character
  • technicolor adsl modem cached firewall rules so you have to delete and recreate instead of simply editing

next time i should read the small print and pay more than $1 wholesale (£40 retail)

Foscam £51 http://astore.amazon.co.uk/gadgets21-21/detail/B006ZP8UOW

Caution: There are many cheap Foscam clones on the market, with poor quality and either without the Foscam logo or with other unauthorised logos. Foscam does not provide support for these fake cameras. Please buy original Foscam cameras for superior quality and service.

LeFun £60 http://astore.amazon.co.uk/gadgets21-21/detail/B013G0V3Z6

Super Easy Install and Setup This Wireless Surveillance WiFi Camera in minutes with the Plug and Play (WPS) function.

white label ipcam webcam firmware update howto

do you have a white label ipcam webcam (ie a “L Series IP Camera”) that you cant find a firmware update for ? you can try and lookup manufacturer by first 6 characters of the MAC address for example if your ipcam webcam mac address is 78-A5-DD-12-34-56 then goto

if you are lucky that will have a link to manuf name such as

there then might be an imexbb site for them such as

and even an actual page such as

you may then find a site with actual software and firmware downloads such as

Dorgem Open Source Web Cam software

The Dorgem Open Source Web Cam software project needs your help if you know Direct X  & Direct Show.

Dorgem has unlimited storage events that can put the captured image on an FTP site as well as a local disk, all with their own time interval. It can put a unlimited texts and bitmaps on the captured image before the image is stored.

Dorgem supports an unlimited number of simultaneous cameras. It has a built-in webserver for still images and can be used as security camera because of its motion detection.

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San Francisco Bay in Hi-Def

Hi-Def San Francisco are doing some amazing things with their San Francisco Bay webcam :

How do these work ? It's as if they've turned a photo into a Google map and are using the Google map player to display it ? Can anyone do this ?

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