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yandex services including cloud #storage and family friendly #dns service

yandex services (goog alternatives)

mobdev & webdev services

terms of service

  • tos http://legal.yandex.com/termsofservice/

apple icloud backup storage

i think i’ve finally setup apple icloud backup storage for all my windoz users ! the key seems to be if your windoz user is not an admin then make them one temporarily

login as your-user

run itunes

check you can see stuff in apple app store

run control panel config icloud

allow icloud, aps, apple photo share EXEs through your firewall


login as admin-user

make your-user a non admin


login as your-user

check icloud and itunes are still working !
apple icloud backup storage
apple icloud backup storage
apple icloud backup storage

business media networking gone wild

It seems that everyone is now jumping on the business media networking bandwagon with such phrases as “share, manage and access all your business content online” and “private social network for your company”

Cloud sharing and storage services

XML 2 DTD and XML 2 XSD converters

If you are playing with REST web services (such as http://www.delicious.com/help/api) using a tool that requires DTD or XSDs (such as JitterBit) then you might find these XML to DTD and XML to XSD converters useful:

Note to run XML Schema Learner you’ll need to
# yum install php-cli php-xml

Yahoo! everything!

A selection of Yahoo! web 3.0 services for web developers from the Yahoo! everything page !

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The Documentation is the Code !

I've often heard that "The Code is the Documentation" but how about "The Documentation is the Code" ?

AppJet have some amazing documentation where "the documentation really is the application" since underneath most examples there is a button that says "new app from this" that creates an app from the code directly in the online AppJet IDE !

AppJet is the FASTEST way I have ever created a Web Application :


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San Francisco Bay in Hi-Def

Hi-Def San Francisco are doing some amazing things with their San Francisco Bay webcam :

How do these work ? It's as if they've turned a photo into a Google map and are using the Google map player to display it ? Can anyone do this ?

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