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protonmail protonvpn #free #vpn network

if you are running protonmail protonvpn #free #vpn network on a windows 10 pc you will notice it creates an extra TAP ethernet adapter



VPNs for #android #firefox #ios #windows

android and ios vpn apps (and often there are windowsand/or firefox plugins available)

DO NOT pay monthly for your VPNs but try and buy LIFETIME licenses from Stack Social instead and save £££

after installing and running your chosen VPN use mylocation.org to check its working

even more VPN info and reviews here


how is it even possible to view the web securely ?

how is it even possible to view the web securely ? should i use a “secure” browser or a “secure” os or a “secure” vpn ?

“secure” duckduckgo browser

“secure” tor browser

“secure” os

“secure” vpn




zenmate vpn and webrtc protection browser extension update

to get the best zenmate vpn and webrtc protection make sure you have updated from browser extension plugin 6.1.3 to 6.2.0





bitvpn vpn supports #kerio, #pptp, #openvpn and #httpsproxy

zenmate vpn (https://osde8info.wordpress.com/2016/02/06/vpns-from-themarysue-but-which-vpn-is-best/) seems to be easiest vpn to use but if you want more flexibility (and complexity) you can also get bitvpn vpn (https://bitvpn.org/) for $35 instead of $200


also more vpns deals at



bitvpn vpn supports

  • kerio
  • pptp
  • openvpn
  • https proxy

bitvpn vpn servers

VPN blocking and breaking with VPN blacklists

Before you splash out on a VPN its worth thinking about how the BBC (and NetFlix etc) can block and break them by using VPN blacklists:

VPN blacklists


VPNs from @themarysue but which #vpn is best ?

these 3 all seem to offer desktop and mobile osx, windows, android and ios clients





if your are insterested instead of the paying monthy or annually you can get a lifetime deal for under £80 from themarysue

but apparently they will break netflix

see also

and most free vpns seem to have serious limitations or funded by ads