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how to add allowed sites exceptions for vpns to @vodafoneuk ISP content blocker

how to add exceptions for vpns to @vodafoneuk ISP content blocker

  • login into your vodafone
  • click Services and Extras
  • click Content Controls
  • clicked BLOCKED sites
  • you then get an option to add ALLOWED sites

you may want to add

  • keepsolid.com
  • protonvpn.com
  • torproject.org
  • zenmate.com

you should then no longer get the vodafone error page

Vodafone Content Controls Access blocked

You won’t be able to access this page because it’s been 
blocked by your content control settings.

If you want to access this page, you'll need to change your content control 
settings or add this site to your allowed list.

just switched to @vodafone #fibre #broadband

just switched to @vodafone #fibre #broadband which has lots of options

you might want to enable split SSID and save energy / power by turning off / down all the LEDs AND if you have turned off all the LEDs there is a proximity sensor that turns them back on when you hand is within 2 inches of the router

Im currently getting 30M down and 8M up for £21/month


screenshot_2019-01-16 energy settings

vodafone router energy saving options


why is @poptelecom losing #fibre #broadband customers to @vodafone ? because @vodafone charge £22 and @poptelecom charge £29 #mktg #fail

why is @poptelecom losing fibre broadband customers to @vodafone ? because @vodafone charge £22 and @poptelecom charge £29 for EXISTING customers to upgrade and £21 to NEW customers ONLY #mktg #fail

so thats £70 / year more than vodafone and when poptelecom cancellation fee is £75 you’ll only lose £5 in the first year and save £70 every other year

its a no brainer

except that the vodafone website has MAJOR bugs and doesnt let you signup so you have to call 080 8003 4511 instead

The useless vodafone website continuously says

The dates you have entered for moving in overlap. 
Please check these dates before continuing


android mobiles are already only £20/month in the UK !

You can now get an android for only £20/month from two UK networks (three & vodafone) ! The downsides are the 24 month contract term and that they are slighter older HTC and Samsung models ! but you could always pay an extra £10-15/month if you really want the SONY 8M pixel X10 android !

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to boldly go where no android has gone before

Using Sensorly Map viewer it is now possible to boldly go where no android has gone before ! And I claim the first crowd powered android three 3g mobile phone network coverage mapping of Sheerness and the Isle of Sheppy !

android sensorly map viewer kentandroid sensorly map viewer kent

Compare against the official map !

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