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VirtualBox CentOS 8 guest additions install

To get VirtualBox guest additions to install in CentOS 8 you first need to install

# dnf install epel-release
# dnf install tar bzip2 kernel-devel-$(uname -r) \
kernel-headers perl gcc make elfutils-libelf-devel

then insert the guest additions cd and if not running X manually mount it

# mkdir /media/iso
# mount /dev/cdrom /media/iso

then run

# cd /media/iso
# ./VBoxLinuxAdditions.run


extreme virtualisation with @hp #elitebooks and @oracle @virtualbox 6 running @linuxlite 4 and @microsoftuk #windows10 vms

extreme virtualisation with @hp #elitebooks running @oracle @virtualbox 6 and @linuxlite 4 and #windows10 vms

first lets use a HP8560 EliteBook with 16G ram running virtualbox 6 to build and clone linux lite 4 into 3 vms


then lets remote desktop to a HP8440 EliteBook with 8G ram running virtualbox with a windows 10 vm


the safe (and only way for some old thinkpad users) to try m$ #windows10

the safe (and only way for some old thinkpad users) to try windoz10 is to download the windows 10 ISO and run it in an oracle virtual box vm

oracle virtual box windoz 10

oracle virtual box windoz 10

WARNING #linux #kernel 3.2.0-43 breaks #ubuntu @virtualbox 4.2.12 guest vms

if you are running @virtualbox 4.2.12 and have an ed/k/x/ubuntu 12.04.02 LTS guest with virtualbox guest additions installed do not allow the the kernel to be updated to 3.2.0-43

  • it may hang during boot
  • it may give you a black screen
  • it may give you a low res video warning

other possible workarounds

  • downgrade virtual box to 4.2.10
  • do not install virtual box guest additions
  • use guest additions from ubuntu repo instead of virtual box iso

also see

Sun xVM VirtualBox and Sun xVM OpenVirtualBox

Sun xVM VirtualBox downloads are now available for most OS's including GNU/Linux, Mac OSX, Solaris and Windoz !

VirtualBox binaries are available for download under the PUEL (Personal Use and Evaluation License). This allows anyone to download and use the product free of charge in compliance with those terms.

For organizations that want to deploy across the business, Sun offers Sun xVM VirtualBox Enterprise Subscriptions
which includes a Sun Software License Agreement and Premium Service Plan.

Sun xVM OpenVirtualBox
VirtualBox source code is freely available and licensed under GPL2 as the Open Source Edition.

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