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linuxlite english uk support

to enable linuxlite (& xubuntu) english uk support for office and firefox run

menu | settings | language support

drag english united kingdom to top of list

click apply systemwide

you can also add extra languages such as chinese


then browse to a chinese site such as http://www.saicmotor.com/chinese/index.shtml to check you can see the chinese characters correctly

youtube uk live webcams


leek railway



if you are switching electricity and gas energy suppliers watch out for white label rebranding

uk energy supplier switching sites

but BEWARE of rebranding for example sainsburys energy is actually british gas energy

#windoz 10 changing the #locale from #US to #UK is no longer one click

m$ have changed the control panel(s) in windows 10 for clock, languages and region so you now need to

  • download English (United Kingdom) Language Pack – Windows 10
  • reboot
  • choose UK instead of US in about 6 different places
  • reset default locale to UK
  • copy UK locale to system locale and the new user locale

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