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make your @twitter #images more accessible

make your @twitter #images more accessible



  • compose image descriptions


To insert descriptive text, open the thumbnail preview dialog by clicking on the thumbnail. (If you are using the keyboard, focus the thumbnail using the “tab” key and press the “enter” key to open the thumbnail preview dialog).


im not #unfollowing you its just time for some #twitter #springcleaning

Im not #unfollowing you its just thats its time for some #twitter #springcleaning just moving you into an appropriate group for people that dont meet my demanding follow criteria

  • A Real First Name (can be fake i wouldnt know)
  • A Real Last Name (can be fake i wouldnt know)
  • First and Last name must be separated by a space
  • A Recent Real Photo with at least 50% facial coverage
  • An Individual with no non inclusive viewpoints
  • Some sort of bio (ie not blank)
  • Not a corporate

If you dont meet ALL these criteria (unless you are @laughingsquid the one exception to the rule) you should now find yourself in one of these groups

But please DM me if you can legally prove your surname is X, Y or Z.

welcome to @lphabetise® #smn #bmn #smnm #bmnm born from a worldwide shortage of 3-6 character @twitter handles and #domain names

welcome to ®     born from a worldwide shortage of 3-6 character  handles and  names

its 2am and just woke up with a great idea why not create a web presence based off some word beginning with A and ending with R so i can use @myword® as a brandname

for example lets try @ffai®.com, @rmou®.com or even @utho®.com

but the concept quickly falls apart since there seem to be no 3, 4,  5 or 6 character twitter handles available with corresponding domain name left in the world and after 2 hours intensive searching and $20 later the closest we can get is ®

PS the effect is better in some fonts than others

#eurovision #eurovision2013 live #twitter #hashtag trends from #brighton

Lets see how close the LIVE twitter hashtag trends from “Brighton” are to the actual eurovison results:

Twitter Brighton Hashtag Trends

  • #eurovision
  • #…
  • #Greece
  • #norway
  • #romania
  • #ireland

My personal guess (in alphabetical order) is:

  • #greece
  • #moldova
  • #norway

what is the perfect #twitter bio ?

the best i (https://twitter.com/osde8info) have thought of so far is:

free libre open source advocate : WARNING : i will block/report any non real people (companys or undesirables) who follow me : ALSO : http://SeeDisclaimer.com

i should probably add a link to this social media network code of practise too

what’s yours ?