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Drupal Open Source CMS


SOA Sandbox logoThe IBM® SOA Sandbox lets you increase your SOA skills through practical, hands-on experience with the IBM SOA entry points. These SOA entry points — people, process, information, reuse, and connectivity — are based upon real customer experiences and provide a simple way to get started with SOA. The SOA Sandbox makes it easy to learn about these entry points by providing a low-risk "tinker, test, and try" learning environment that's designed for enterprise architects, integration developers, and Web developers, but available to everyone.

The IBM SOA Sandbox provides a mix of full-version software trials and "try online" hosted environments where you can explore tutorials and get architectural guidance. You'll also find online demos, best practice documentation, and quick-start guides, all integrated into a low-risk, hands-on format that provides practical applications of SOA entry points to accelerate learning.


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CVS is out, Subversion is in


In case no one happened to tell, you, CVS is dead. Bereft of life, it rests in peace. Oh, sure, people still use it, and it is still included in most Linux distributions, including Fedora™ Core, but it is quite dead. It died after a long, drawn-out sickness after years of neglect. Sadly, it died of the incurable disease 'broken architecture.' Nothing could be done besides making its final days (well, years) as comfortable as possible. But now, finally, gone it is, and its replacement is a much younger, much healthier, much better architected, and much more capable version control system—Subversion.

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GrokDoc’s usability study of GNU/Linux newbies

GrokDoc's usability study of GNU/Linux newbies goal is to create a useful manual on basic tasks that new users will find simple and clear and easy to follow, using what we learn from our study.

GrokDoc is an offshoot of Groklaw

Our idea is this: instead of technically proficient people explaining tasks and functions to newbies, we let newbies show us what is hard for them. Proprietary software companies do such usability studies, and they benefit from the knowledge gained.

The Free/Open Source community has all that we need to do the same, using the many eyeballs approach, so to speak. Open source ideals applied to research can be very powerful.

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Geotagging and Google Maps API

Geotagging is adding geographical tags to items

Google Maps API


Google Maps API Mashup Examples

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