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All these companies have a #MSA statement ! does yours ? #antislavery #ethics #ethicalbusiness #humanrights

All these companies have a #MSA statement ! does yours ?

  • expedia.co.uk
  • uk.hotels.com
  • ebookers.com (UK)
  • trivago.co.uk
  • homeaway.co.uk
  • ownersdirect.co.uk
  • egencia.com (UK)
  • silverrailtech.com (UK)

actually its just a “non-exhaustive list of UK websites of Expedia Group” thus they all abide by expediagroups policies

MSA Statement

in addition a vendor code of conduct is imposed on their suppliers and vendors

Vendor Code of Conduct

with the threat that

non-compliance with the code can lead to Expedia Group ceasing to do business with a vendor or supplier


In addition the “Expedia Group maintains a twenty-four hour phone hotline for employees to raise concerns without fear of retaliation. Employees can confidentially report any concerns, which may include concerns relating to modern slavery and human trafficking.”

So next time you book a “cheap” holiday maybe think is it an ethical holiday from an ethical company ?



why does @expedia use @googleuk #googlemaps instead of @microsoftuk #bingmaps ? because ms sold expedia in 2001

why does @expedia use @googleuk #googlemaps instead of @microsoftuk #bingmaps ? because ms sold expedia in 2001

So, although the original question was, “Who owns Expedia?”, an examination of the evidence begs the questions, “Who isn’t owned by Expedia?” But even after following the acquisition trail that Expedia has blazed for almost a decade, ownership of Expedia can be traced back to IAC. So then the question becomes, “Who owns IAC?”

IAC own

  • expedia
  • hotels.com
  • ticketmaster
  • travelocity
  • trivago
  • tripadvisor

its time to switch from the O2 Trains app to the Red Spotted Hanky app

O2 Trains are shutting down their brilliant traintimes app next month so if you still want to get train times on your android or ios mobile you’ll need to switch to the sister app Red Spotted Hanky.

DOPPLR (alpha) travel map

http://www.dopplr.com/main/about is so new you can't even register for it yet !

Dopplr is an online service for frequent travellers. It was created by an international team of world travellers as a tool for our own use. If you travel more than five times a year and have friends who do as well, then Dopplr is for you.

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